Anyone in the Apple Consultants Network?

How much business have you gotten from it? How did you start in consulting?

Freakin’ ACN. All they do is email companies and say "You should give us your products for free because when I use them on a customer’s computer you’ll end up making money." Oh yeah, let me give you all the tools you need to make money for yourself and never mention it to your customers because that’d put you out of a job.

iPad – connect to Eye-Fi card???

This is what I am talking about, if you aren’t familiar…

Basically, this will allow you to pull the files from the card wirelessly. Great. Got that part.

What I would like to know, is can you do this with an iPad? If so, I would like to use it to preview images WHILE I am shooting with my DSLR camera. Yes, you can view the images on the screen, but it would be really cool to be able to continue shooting, while someone else (assistant?) is off the the side, reviewing the shots you have already taken.

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Bypass DVD safety switch?

So, I am thinking about buying a Kenwood DNX6160 which is a dual deck GPS/DVD head unit. Found a decent price, and it seems to be a great unit. Problem is, apparently all video (even from the iPod input) is disabled until the emergency brake is engaged (like all DVD players now)

I guess my question is, should I try to install this thing myself and just ground the brake wire, OR should I have someone do a better install job and then pull it out after and ground the wire. OR whats the best way to ask them to do it without them having to say anything illegal?

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external HD question – PC to mac.

so i just bought a new Seagate 1tb freeagent GOFLEX external, which i need to transfer a bunch of stuff onto from my desktop PC. How will formatting it work? after i get all this junk on to it, it will only be used with my macbook pro. do i format it for my mac, then plug up to my pc to transfer stuff? or what? i know a lot of you use externals, so any advice/direction would be great. my flight leaves in 12 hours so i was hoping you guys could steer me in the right direction before i get myself into a big mess thanks!

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I figured this would be the most approperiate place to make this thread, if there is a better forum then please move it..

Has anyone on here taken the ISC

need cheap software to control internet

Boss doesn’t like to spend money… So this may be a shot in the dark.

Whats a cheap internet control software that’ll only allow certain computers to access some defined websites, but have a timer to allow access to whatever during their lunch period?

Small company, need something simple to install/setup.operate since I won’t be doing the install

employees are aware and will be signing agreement that this will be taking place

Thanks in Advance

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Doing some research…

I’m just doing some research to learn more about Apple serial numbers. I know it sounds really nerdy. But if you don’t mind posting the last 3 digits of your serial number, that would be awesome! The last three digits are for the model of the computer, and I’m interested to see how close those models are with the same last three.

Need help with computer purchase…

Okay so I’m in college and I feel I MUST have a comp. Mostly because everyone has one, facebook, and then OT, but also for the school work I may be able to do on it.

I will have about 800-1000 to spend on said laptop computer and need something very good. I do not care what the make/model is but I wouldn’t mind something very new that’s pretty accessible. I love laptops with the extra buttons separate from the keyboard like play/pause/eject, screen brightness/volume, etc. Dell’s however seem NOT to have that, atleast the inspirons, and so I’m kinda non lenient towards dell. Everything else is fair game.
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