Looking for mini-PCs similar to Zotac

Building an HTPC for a friend…I’ve previously used Zotac ID40′s, but I’ve been told Zotac really price-hikes their stuff. The Atom/ION architecture works great, but it’s a touch underpowered, which has led to some heat issues.

Need something equally as small – some Shuttle box that looks like it belongs on a desk won’t cut it. This needs to look as close to a settop box as possible, while costing only a few hundred total (so factor in $100 for a HDD).


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iPhone SMS backup?

My work phone has lots of important conversation history with pricing and appointments. iTunes won’t backup messages, how do I it? It’s a 4s

When you sync your messages, every message is included in the backup (including all messages you delete too). Plenty of free apps to read that information from the iPhone and export it should you need to.

RAM question

I just bought two 2 GB sticks of Centon RAM at Tiger Direct.

When I plugged them in, one is registering as Centon and the other as SpecTek.

Other people online say this has happened to them, too.

Some people say SpecTek sucks so people buy good stuff, swap it, and return it.

Other people say SpecTek is fine and bigger companies buy other companies’ surplus and change a few pieces and rebadge them.

It’s showing up in my system menu, it just says it’s a different brand.
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Taking my first programming course – Java. Love it, but it’s so difficult!

I wanted to ask for pointers so I can understand how to do the homework, but I guess that’s against the rules. My professor is pretty helpful, but once I get the homework done, I feel like I still don’t understand everything. I read the textbook and try to remember everything, but it’s seriously too much. I feel behind. I slipped to a B average in the course, and even though I work my ass off on everything, it’s hard to keep up. Every week we have chapter reading, a quiz, module discussion, program psuedocode, and a program due. Is this professor a slave driver, or does it sound reasonable for a beginner? I am exhausted with one month to go till the end of the semester.
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HELP!! Im getting this stupid error

When i burn a DVD I get this blue screen error


does anybody know how I can correct this?

let me know if you need more details…Thanks in advance

that’s normally a bad memory error.

run memtest or something similar.

meh. the vast majority of time, bad memory shows up within a single pass. getting a bad dvd burn because of memory, is likely going to be major faults going on that show up right away.

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Anyone still use Dashboard?

I used to use it a ton when it first came out. I don’t think I used it at all in Lion.

I have a late 2008 MBP. Maxed out the RAM to 8 gigs a while ago. Before I installed Mountain Lion I replaced the main HD with an SSD. So I’m at the limit of upgrades I can do.

I think I can manage another year out of this MBP. Unless I somehow get some expendable cash. So I’m starting to think about what can be disabled in ML so I can get any little extra performance out of it. Thinking about disabling Dashboard unless you guys tell me there’s a new awesome use for it that I’ve missed.
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Weird Java alert

Just curious if this is malicious or just some form of Java I don’t have or something. This is a trusted website and this popped up.

lol you probably don’t want to click that

I figured. I said "hm pretty sure Java is from Oracle and I never have this type of alert"

Then I emailed the guy who posted the link on the EMS forums and he said "the link is fine, if you have problem contact their website"
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Anyone use Absinthe 2.0 to jailbreak?

I have an IP4 with 5.1.1

used the latest absinthe 2.0 to jailbreak, after restoring and all that other bullshit, i click the cyndia app, it loads, and everything is gone. Just a few basic apps. Message, phone, safari, mail, all gone.

I went to settings, and hit restore all. the spinning load circle has been going for a while now. am i FUBAR?

Why is my internet slow through the router, but not modem? V. NOOB

Let me explain. When I hook my laptop directly to the modem and run a speedtest(.net) I get almost 30mb down and 5 up. When ran through my router it drops to 7-8 down and still about 5 up. What is the deal? I called my ISP and they basically told me that that’s just the way it is with routers. I never really cared that much but now that I got around to it I’d like to take care of it at all possible. The router is a newer Linksys. My ISP is Cox. I bought the router off them and had them come set it up. I honestly can’t remember what my speeds through the router were at the time, but I’m pretty sure they were a lot higher than 7. This is either wired or wireless (through the router) btw. Any pointers for a noob in this dept? I’m all ears.

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