slow internet connection, malware?

I’m behind a netgear wndr3700 router and recently upgraded to a faster internet (advertised at 15m/sec)

For some reason when I’m actually in windows (win7) speedtest only goes to 5m/sec.

I have avast! and when I uninstalled it, the speed went up to 8m/sec or so.

I have malwarebytes and when I disabled it, the speed wasn’t affected.

However, if I boot into safe mode and run, I consistently get 16+m/sec!

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IPad not recognized by my computer

So the other day I found an ipad. when i tried to turn it on it said connect to itunes. i assume all apple cords are the same? so i used the one from my old ipod but it just says usb device not recognized. any suggestions? dont really want to go through apple support since i cant prove ownership

i love when stuff falls off the back of a truck myself…

that said… osx 10.5.8? updated itunes?

the other day i lost an ipad, i can prove ownership

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DIY NAS vs Synology

I currently have a DS1511+ with 5x2tb drives. I love its web interface, community support, and performance.

Lately I’ve been thinking about selling the Synology and building my own NAS. I built a small one with an old HP and FreeNAS for my parents, and it runs great. But I have some questions:

-Can I achieve anywhere near the performance of the Synology with software like FreeNAS?
-I’m interested in switching to ZFS but it seems to have limited support in the prebuilt NAS OS’s. Input?
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25 years of HyperCard

For those of us that remember it, here’s an interesting article on HyperCard, it’s history and it’s demise.

Some great stuff came out of HyperCard. I remember playing porn games on it. Myst was made using HyperCard and at the time I think it had the most striking graphics of any game available for computer or console. I made plenty of stuff using HyperCard over the years. As the article talks about, it was something that could be used by the average user. Teachers could use it with no training. Others have tried to replace it but they all have a much steeper learning curve that requires you to know some programming or special steps where HyperCard didn’t. I started using it when I was around 9 years old and had no problems making games for my friends or stuff for school projects. It was just that simple yet also powerful.
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callibrating led tv

Hey guys. I just bought a Samsung 55′ tv. I have owned a few other HD tvs I have a sony bravia LCD and a Sony projection tv. For both TVs I was able to use my monster HD calibration wizard. I have used that to calibrate the picture and make it significantly better then the factory settings. However the CD doesnt work with my led tv.

In the black adjustment video the pattern doesnt appear and in the whites no matter what I do I cant adjust the whites properly. Any one know of a good calibration disk or something I can download

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Force a MBP with 10.7.4 to use a specific WAP


Multi-floor business environment. All the SSID’s are the same (centrally managed access points). There is a unit installed directly outside of the office hanging on the ceiling. The MBP is connecting to either the unit a floor up or a floor down (through concrete, lights, all that bullshit).

I was reading that using the airport command from the Apple80211.framework/resources directory I should be able to force the system to connect to the access point I want via mac address.
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Smart Tv or Tv and Media PC

I’m looking for a TV in the $400-$700 range for my bedroom. I prefer LED but am not hardset, looking to go between 37"-42".

I’m not an Audiophile so sounds isn’t as important as a decent picture and physical aesthetics are pretty important. I’m upgrading froom a tube tv so anything will be an improvement.

Should I ditch the smart Tv’s and go with a slightly better tv for the price and get a pc hooked up or would the smart tv be a simpler solution.
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