OT Car Audio People vsilverado

**this is in the main forum also, I don’t expect serious answers there**

I bought an ’10 Silverado last month and I just can’t handle the stock radio anymore…

I am interested in a full replacement of the entire system (if necessary).

I’m not very good with car audio so I’m not sure if I need to replace the stock speakers and tweeters (4 speakers 2 tweeters).

I know I have to get a box that fits under the seat with 2 10" slim subs…
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Jailbrak iPhone4?

Why is there nothing out that can do this? I only need it for MyFi, but I don’t understand what the holdup is…

You just have to wait. Quit crying about it. This isn’t their full time jobs and they wanna make sure it’s all right when released. Currently there are some issues with stuff like FaceTime so they want to address everything rather then releasing a broken jailbreak.

I think I’m finally going to jailbreak once it comes out for 4. I only want to for MyFi also.
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any terminal pros?

i was fucking around with terminal trying to get it to recognize my phone and i created a bash profile but now when i open terminal i get

-bash: {PATH}:: command not found

when i was copying/pasting shit from the tutorial i hit enter too soon and now i just get errors all the time when i try to do shit in terminal. anyway to revert terminal back to the way it was?

new-host:~ videinfra adb devices
-bash: adb: command not found
new-host:~ videinfra adb usb
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Nav RGB video input

This is a bit confusing what I want to do so I’ll try to explain myself as clear as I can. I recently bought a 2010 Nissan Murano equipped with the 9 speaker bose system w/o Nav. This system has an RGB video input.

I was wondering if you guys know of a portable nav unit that OUTPUTS RGB video so I can use the RGB inputs on the Murano, displaying the Nav on my stock color screen.

This hopefully should be a fairly simple mod…

Where are you guys getting music these days?

I’ve been out of the loop. Is waffles still around? Or that other one, I forget the name. Can anyone spare an invite? I can trade a torrentleech, but that is about all I have to offer.

Brokenstones ratio:
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Any thoughts on this laptop? Sager NP5125

I’ve probably posted in main about how the screen and vid card died on my current laptop (Acer Aspire 5680) and how it’s unusable unless I hook it up to an external monitor. This was described with a far more colorful illustration that probably wouldn’t fly here.

I’ve found what looks like will be my next laptop: A Sager NP5125. 15.6 with 1920×1080 LED, 6GB ram, i7 620M, nVidia GT330M 1024MB, 2 to 3 hr battery life and either a 500GB hybrid HD with 4GB SSD capacity or a 80GB Intel SSD. Either way, it’ll set me back between $1200 and $1300. It’s largely for graphic design and publishing work, with the occasional game. I’d rather have an ATI HD5870, but that’s in another laptop that’s heavier, has shorter battery life and costs over $1500.
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Help: Building A Laptop/Find One

Price: $500-650
Color: All Black (Back lit Keyboard Maybe?)
Brand: Preferably HP/Sony/Asus
HD: Must be 7200 or Higher RPM(Cheap SSD) 150GB+
Ram: 3GB+
Ghz: 2+ Preferable Core2Duo or Better
Battery Life: Long (Preferable not sticking out though)
Screen Size: 15.6 or Less
OS: Win7/XP
Usage: Aim,Steam,Ventrilo,Torrents,x20 Browser Tabs, HD Movies,
Heroes Of Newerth(Windowed) all at the same time..

Price: $500-650
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anyone worried about their home router getting attacked?

i’ve taken all the steps i could, changed the web access port to something different. changed the default password to something more secure

i have a wrt54gl, it’s on the list

so, if i read it correctly. its basically just like this:

someone makes a link to

but disguises as something else. when the victim clicks on the link, it tries to get into the router with the default settings (i would say the majority of people never change these because they likely have an open network called ‘linksys’ anyways )
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Just downloaded autodesk inventor 2010 student version. Anyone know how to use it or know a good website or books for tutorials that i can get? I want to learn the program on my own. I know how to use nx 6 but this is a little different.