Learn me on some Macs

I was first thinking about picking up a Mac Book Pro. But the Laptop I have now still runs great and I needs a Windows based Laptop for some programs I use away from home.

My desktop is getting pretty old now and I am now thinking about upgrading it. So I just started looking into the Macs. What I am looking to do with it is.
Video Editing (gopro, other hd)
Photo Processing

I suppose macs are far superrior in this line of work?

I was looking at the 27 inch. Whats good for the photos and video? I know my windows based machines are very slow doing any type of editing.

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Convert a bunch of flv files?

I have a big folder full of .flv video files that I have downloaded from places like You Tube, etc. I want to convert them into a more usable file type, like avi or mp4 or whatever. I’ve heard OSX is good for tasks like this. I’ve only been using OSX full time for about a year now with my Mac Mini. What would be the best way to accomplish this task?

Not really saying it’s "the best" but it will do the job. There should be a preset that will get what you need.

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Best Mac for me?


-Run 3 browsers. 10 tabs each.
-Run PhotoShop
-Run Video Editing SW (iMovie or Premiere)
-Run iTunes
-Run Office (Usually Word)

All at once. No hiccups.

Would the iMac 2.7 ghz w/ 4GB RAM suffice?

Or should I add RAM?

UPgrade cpu to 3.1 ghz?

To not be a dick though.. get at least 8GB of RAM – but a kit from

MBP or iMac would be able to do that, just make sure you have enough ram. 8gb would be the minimum but i’d max the hell out of it, especially since you’ll be doing video too. i’d just make sure to upgrade the vid card and call it a day.

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I think my power supply died…

I was watching an episode of Top Gear at lunch and my tower just shuts off. Then it keeps trying to restart itself but the power supply won’t be on for more than 2 seconds at a time, like it can’t provide a constant stream of power to the rest of the computer.

It turns on for 2 seconds, fans spin, then turns off for another 2 seconds or so, repeat.

So OT, is my power supply dead? How did that happen? Just out of the blue

Any help much appreciated!

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Philips 170×6

Please help asap guys!!

I have a philips 170×6 and the pictures where acting funny on the screen and all of a sudden the display goes all white and no picture is showing! I turned it off and back on but no luck

Any ideas??

Box of HDD- How to test them?

Anyone have a good all around universal tool that would allow me to test a hard drive out.

I migrated over a lot of my data in to a few RAIDs and I’m not sure which old drives were good/bad or what?

I’m almost curious if I should just take them to the recycler guy and let them dispose of them

if you’re going to recycle them, you need to run some soft of data wipe on them, regardless of what data was on there. Way too easy to recover files off them and then someone has access to everything you’ve had stored on your computer. If they’re old and shitty, drill a hole in them and then take them to a computer recycler.

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My hard drive died :wtc:

I’m pretty sure it’s dead, but it still turns on and spins fine. The thing that got me was that it’s not even being recognized by the BIOS (The SATA Port it is connected to says "No Device Detected"), and I tried hooking it up to an enclosure, but still no luck. Meaning that I can’t even run a diagnostic tool on it or even attempt to recover some of the data. Am I SOL or is there anything else I can do to maybe recover the data stored on it? Maybe put it in the freezer

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