MBP is starting to run slow

Had it for almost a year and it’s been running slow for a few months. Mainly with Safari when I launch it after booting the computer it will lag for a few minutes before running normal. Also after I boot if I start up Adium it will take a minute or so for it to launch.

If the computer has been on and I relaunch either program they respond quickly like normal.

I back up to a time machine so it has all my data, should I erase and reinstall? Its a 2009 MBP unibody running 10.6.4

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I had a real big problem with my system and I wanted to share it just in case any of my fellow OTers run into a similar problem.

I ran:

  • Avast,
  • AdAware,
  • AVG,
  • Prevex,
  • Spywareblaster,
  • Comodo,
  • Security 360,
  • Advanced Windows Systemcare,
  • Glary Registry,
  • Wise Registry Cleaner,
  • Glary Utilities

If you’ve run these and you’re still getting errors and feeling frustrated, then you would be me for the last 48 hours. I finally gave in and asked for help.
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kind of a funny fuck up

I stuck my headphone jack into a usb port for the second time. Both times the computer immediately shut down, and was unable to tturn on until i took the battery out, pressed the power, then but it back in. (its a laptop)

Did i fuck up things in the motherboard?

You shorted out the power supply. Stop it.

looks like you should pick up some of these

So if i did it again, could cause irreperable damage?

Don’t listen to these guys, keep it up, your fine.

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Rockapp and Backups for multiple devices..

So I have an iphone 3G and an iPad. I buy items on the same rock account.

Does rock save the backups seperate for each device? For example on my 1 account, if I restore from the pad, will I be getting all the phone junk as well?

My goal is to upgrade to the latest software and then restore on my ipad, but i dont want my phone apps to come over to the pad too.

AT&T 2wire router help needed

Recently upgraded to uverse and gave a buddy of mine my old 2wire modem/router…he is having a problem with it getting a message that more or less leads us to believe it is somehow mated to our old AT&T acct…is there a way to unlock it so he can use it? He has AT&T as well but his old router took a crap on him



i was looking around on my uverse gateway. looks like the gateway is provisioned to the account by att

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having time machine work with SMB shares…

this used to be such a simple hack, i tried to set this up again with snow leopard…

i’ll stick with plugging in an external once every few days to save a headache

well, i followed this guide to start and then failed after turning on time machine to show shares

then i followed the manual file creation process

so, i had to do the following:
1) connect to my SMB share
2) sudo defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1
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Help with Gaming Build – SC2 and FF XIV

edit – new build – mATX, P55 1156 etc… all prices in CDN $

Power Supply – $90.53
Seasonic M12II 620W EPS12V 20/24PIN ATX PFC 80+ Bronze Modular Connectors 6PIN PCI-W *IR-$10*

CPU – $199.99 (cheaper than the 750??)
Intel Core i5 760 Quad Core Processor Lynnfield LGA1156 2.8GHZ 8MB Cache Retail Box

Motherboard – $99.99
Gigabyte P55M-UD2 mATX LGA1156 P55 DDR3 2PCI-E 2PCI SATA2 RAID Sound GLAN Motherboard
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can’t visit websites or ping out, but can RDP into the computer fine

i’m so fucked, my dad’s computer has been sending me logs of odd website activity. since his employees like to screw around on the computer, we’ve put a keylogger on it. this also tracks websites, printing, applications opened etc

so, i’ve run malwarebytes and MSE, it came back with a few things. this pissed me off because the system usually runs clean. also, this is a production computer, so my dad’s work depends on it.

after the scan and clean, i can remote into the machine with RDP and vnc…but i cannot ping out or load any websites
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Calibration Halp (9c83 Samsung MBP 15" circa early 08)

Just wanted an extra opinion from anyone that might have the same setup.

Early 2008 MacBook Pro
15" Matte
9c83 / Samsung

I fresh installed about a year ago, but forgot to redo calibrations, got these from another forum (because I remembered using them and thinking they were pretty good:

I’ve profiled the MBP Penryn 9C83 display using the x-rite color display2 hardware and the coloreyes pro software. Included in the zip are six profiles:
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Just got a new mac. How do i transfer my iphoto and itunes libaries to my new mac?

I just got a new macbook pro and I would like to transfer my music and photos over to my new macbook. Anyone know of an easy way?

Time Machine. Makes it easy to keep it all in tact. Firewire to Firewire if you just want to pull files.

i dont have a hard drive right now so i cant do time machine

I have my itunes transfered with CD’s since its only 7 gb but my iphoto is around 20 gb. Besides Time Machine how can I transfer it?

Firewire to Firewire in Target Disk Mode.

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