Buying vs building server

Ok I want to tinker around with ESXi from VMware since it is free virtual OS platform.

I currently run VMware workstation off of my desktop and it’s slow as balls. Current desktop is a E6750 2.66ghz, 2gb RAM and 300gb SATA disk.

What I am pondering is to buy a cheaper server like a Dell PowerEdge or HP Proliant with no OS and just bare components. Thinking of a tower since i have no rack space.

Of if I could build a server for the same price under $500-$600 with used parts. Or old convert my current desktop to a server by adding faster drives to RAID 0 or 1 and about 4gb RAM.
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OSX 10.7 Lion?

The whole thing goes down at 10AM PT on October 20th

fuck lions, it’s "OS X 10.7 King of the Fucking Jungle"

^that would be fucking epic

nonetheless, i’m pretty interested in what they have to announce. for so long it has been all this iOS bullshit, will be nice to focus back on (hopefully) the computer operating system

^that would be fucking epic
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Macbook Pro shutting down abruptly at 30% battery left – under HEAVY load only

Anybody else have this problem? I tried to google-fu this one and people seem to say that it’s a battery calibration issue – as in the OS and battery getting out of sync, but I don’t think that’s the case here. As long as I’m not beating on the thing – just light load web surfing or whatever – it’s fine and it’ll run down to less than 5% with the proper low battery warning and all that. My issue only happens under HEAVY load. As in browsing through high-res digital photos beating on the processor, disk, and RAM a lot. No warning, no nothing, just *flick* craps out around 30%. Light load casual use it runs fine down to under 5%.
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Programatically setting up port forwarding via UPnP…

So I figured out how to access a UPnP enabled router to setup port forwarding and to determine the internet IP address of the router (internet gateway device) on a LAN… the problem is even after setting up the port forward and disabling the windows firewall my client application still cannot talk to my server application…

Here is how I add an entry to the UPnP port map table and then use that entry to get the external IP address of the IGD, which I then display in the server software so that it can be entered into the client software to connect…
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Am I overdoing it for a gaming rig?

I’m really just going to be playing Black Ops, WoW, and SC2. I also just download torrents, browse, and have a ton of music. If anyone could suggest me different parts or a whole different build for what I will be using my computer for that would be great. I have about 1400$ to spend, but would like to get that cost a bit lower. I haven’t built a new computer for about 4 years so I am out of date on new hardware. Any suggestions would be great.

It depends on your budget.
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Mac App Store

What do you guys think about it?

I’m actually working on a project that I think would be great to sell over such a thing, so I hope it is successful.

(I may need some alpha/beta testers soon)

I think its great because i like how it works on iOS. I like the experience.

I DO NOT look forward to jailbreak my 2014 macbook.

I like the idea of individually selecting certain apps out of a package (i.e. iPhoto instead of the entire iLife suite).

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Mac Mini vs. Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server

Anyone have the server version? Is it worth the extra $300?

I really want a Mac Mini to use as a HTPC/Living Room PC/Server. I could probably get by using the standard Mini for a server, but I’m a computer geek and the thought of having Snow Leopard Server sounds nice. Just wondering what comes with it.

The server version of the OS isn’t all that worth wild. The extra hard drive is a nice deal though.

So it’s just two HDs, not RAIDed? Site doesn’t say anything about RAID. Kind of a shame if they aren’t in a RAID.

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Linux Distros for Intel 855GM

So I have an old laptop with an 855GM chipset. I’m running ubuntu 9.10 LTS and its going to run out of support sooner or later. Once it does, are there any other distros that support the 855GM going forward?

I just want to have a version to migrate to when i need to.

iPad Crew: The VLC app is here!

I’ve heard you need to have the video in a specific resolution to work. If you’re gonna have to convert a video to the correct resolution, why not just convert it to mp4 then too and be done with it.

Not true. It has played every format I have on my computer flawlessly. Although, I’m reading the iPad doesn’t have the processing power to decode some of the higher resolution videos (i.e. bluray rips).

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