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Long story short, I’m replacing a router (pfSense box) for a small company. Ideally, I’d like to mount it in their rack for various reasons (power, heat, etc.). I’m looking to combine a few services into one router; wondering if any of you have a recommendation:

– Built in ADSL modem
– Built in firewall
– LAN interface must support trunking
– DHCP (preferable)

I was looking at some Cisco ISR’s, but I just want to see if there are anymore viable options out there.

Thanks boys!

Given those requirements I’d venture to say that an ISR is overkill. Even the low end (800 series) has triple the amount of features you’re listing. Not sure if those requirements would justify the price.

As far as other products, hmm. Obviously the Cisco is a solid product. You could also find comparable (and cheaper) devices from:

-CheckPoint / Sofa / Safe@ (whatever they’re calling it now)

There’s a few more, but again, it depends on your requirements.

EDIT: I’ve been very interested in looking at this product line:

I bet you can find a solid box for under $200 there.

Thanks for the reply, we ended up going with a 2801 ISR. The owner of the company informed me that he is planning to expand his business and setup a second and possibly third location, so the 2801 will act as the companies entire perimeter router. Ended up finding it online for a half decent price, too.

Links between facilities will be over an SFP HWIC using SM. Local companies here offer a Transparent LAN Service (TLS) at fairly affordable rates…you’re basically leasing their existing fiber network.

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