You guys use iPhoto/Aperture to organize your media?

I’m wondering if I should continue or just stop using iPhoto to import my pics/videos. Looking at the long run here, I should probably just organize the shit on my own by creating folders and dropping stuff into them based on dates/events and not rely on something like iPhoto? My concern is the library getting ridiculously huge and down the road (5-10 years) this software is not supported by Apple. iPhoto is nice because it does all the organizing for me and I’m not spending a lot of time doing it on my own.

Prior to iPhoto, that’s exactly what I did. I created a Photos folder and inside I would break them up based on dates/events. Easy to browse and work with from multiple computers/devices (i.e. Synology, PS3, WDTV, etc). What sucks is that if your computer doesn’t have iPhoto, then the shit can’t open it like my other devices.

What do you guys do?

I don’t use anything to organize my photos…i have my own system.

Even if Apple stops supporting iPhoto, which I don’t see happening any time soon or in the near furture, you won’t lose your images. The iPhoto Library file you can right-click and select Show Package Contents and it’ll open like a folder and from there you can dig through and find your images. They will even be in folders named just like the album names you see while in iPhoto. I believe even the files names will be the same.

The library file is just as big as if you where saving the files outside of iPhoto and using some other program. The only reason why it might be a bit smaller in file size is because of the thumbnail names that iPhoto creates and some other extra info/data files that are also created but for the most part it’ll be the same size.

I don’t have a Mac in more, budget has forced me to use a Windows laptop that I use for my iPhone and iPad and iTunes. I wish Apple would port iPhoto for Windows. It’s so much better than Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Now in your case, yes if you want to be able to share you photo with other devices like PS3 and so on then yes that is a pain that you can’t do it while the images are in iPhoto. The only device (excluding iDevices) I know of that can is an Apple TV.

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