Is their an easier method to build my daily work route than and Garmin?

I recently started a job that takes me to up to 50 residences a day. I was using to build a route and their iPhone app but I didn’t like that it uses my phone all day.

I then got a Garmin 2460LMT and have been adding routes to it daily that I build on, but this is somewhat of a lengthy process. To do this, I first download a .csv (Excel) file from my company’s website that has all my stops for the day. I then upload this file to which builds an optimized route based on location. I then download a.gpx file from which I then upload to the 2460 and wait for it to do its thing.

I’m trying to cut out some of this repetative downloading and uploading but haven’t found a way. Is there something I’m missing or is this really the only way?


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