So I have an Alltel HTC PPC 6800 with Windows Mobile 5.0 on it…

How the hell do I update it to 6.1? The only download I can seem to find is 6.0 to 6.1 but I am scared to do it because mine is 5.0.

This is what I found. Would it work?

Your going to have to put on a new bootloader and update. Theres a ton of FAQ’s on that forum. Its called the HTC Titan
No it is a 6800.

This thing is amazing compared to my Q. I can do almost anything with it.

I may keep 5.0 on it since everything seems to work fine with it.

I thought the 6800 came with 6 on it. but yes, if you can find the rom for the Titan, its an amazing difference and so much more stable.

got my update link from forums

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