Liquid leaking out of LCD tv…

Wondering if anyone else has had this happen before. Today my tv was working fine when I turned it on for about 15 minutes, and then the majority of the screen went black with some bands of colors at the bottom, but I could still hear the sound. After exhausting everything trying to figure out what’s wrong, my roommate and I picked it up to move it and a clear liquid that looks like water leaked out. It had to have been at least 1/2 cup, plus more that it left on the tv stand where the base of the tv was.

So my question is, what the fuck is it? There have been no liquids spilled on the tv whatsoever, and it’s only about 6 months old too.
LCD = Liquid Crystal Display…

Your TV is fucked.

LCD = Liquid Crystal Display…

Your TV is fucked.

Both me and my roommate looked up shit online about this, and found out from a few places that the "Liquid" in LCD is just a term describing how ductile the crystals are, and that it’s not technically a liquid. Really not positive about that though, which is why I come to OT.
We also found a few cases of the same thing happening in old buildings from water coming from the roof somehow into the coaxial cable and into the tv. I mean, the liquid seems to be water. It has no scent and it’s clear, but we really don’t know what to think. That seems to be our best bet though, since the apt building is pretty old.

But we’re honestly shooting in the dark here. Never heard of this happening and have no idea what to think
If its six months old, it should still be under warranty. Call the manufacturer to find out about repair or replacement options.
It technically IS a liquid. You can’t believe everything you read online. Poke a soft-faced LCD screen sometime and notice the ripples as the screen surface compresses and squishes the liquid crystals around. Or, look at a broken LCD and notice how the liquid crystals ooze all over the place inside the screen once the seal is broken.

Sorry man, your TV is fucked. It almost sounds like the layers of glass were never sealed together properly.

Either that, or your roommate DID spill shit on it, and doesn’t want to man up about it.
1. Your TV is fucked.
2. The coax water thing is possible. But it would be bloody obvious if that was the case. Just unhook the coax and take a look at it.
3. I have always understood LCD to be more about explaining the behavior of the crystals then it actually being water. Even if I was wrong I don’t think there would be half a cup of water inside the display.
4. Odds are best that your fucking room mate spilled water on it.
5. Instead of fighting with your bastard room mate, just get warranty work and claim ‘stupid’ by insisting that all the liquid has drained from the liquid portion of the LCD.

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  1. I had same thing happen. I came home from work and puddle of “water with white flakes” was under my screen and you could fell leaking from tv. Fighting rc willey now!

  2. Similar thing happened to my LCD TV , m also wondering how it happened. can anyone explain me , what is the cause of it and what should be repaired

  3. I am curious as what you find out. i have had the same issue. One day it was working fine and the next day i came home from work and my tv was changing channels and volume going up and down, so i though maybe i hit remote. not it. My buttons are touch, so i tried voume, channel and on/off. nothing happened. When i picked it up to see what was going on (22 inch.) there was water leaking from tv. My tv sits in a tv stand and nothing could have been spilled on it. i left it sitting out for a week and now when i turn it on bottom right corrner is black and a few blue lines accross bottom and buttons still dont work. So i doubt that it is the coaxil theory.

  4. This thing legitimately just happened to me… I come home to water EVERYWHERE and pouring out from my TV. Sadly, my TV is older than 5 years. =|

  5. I’ve had this problem occasionally for a couple of years now with a Tesco lcd tv, some people tell you its rain water running down the inside of the aerial cable using gravity but that’s not it as my cable comes up and into the tv. It’s just happened again today and I tell you it’s CONDENSATION as there must be a flat surface inside on which condensation forms when room temperature changes suddenly (due to weather or central heating) and the water is coming from the humidity in the air. I’m afraid I just continue using the tv, if it blows it blows but never has so far.

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