How do I get music ringtones from I-tunes on my I-phone (Mac computer)?

Easy to do with I-ringer for windows. Any easy software program for mac?

That is not free though. I am looking for something I can do to create like 25 ringtones and don’t wish to pay $3.00/song.

how is that not free? it says free right in the title of the page.

Take any m4a and rename it m4r. Then import into iTunes

If the file is some other format, then add it to iTunes and then covert it within iTunes to AAC

Same as usual, MAC or IBM Compatible PC

There is an entire sub forum for you people… post in the mac shack about mac shit

Someone who works in an office with 20 other people who have iPhones and doesn’t want to reach for his phone every time one of the other ones rings

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