$2,219.88 for ram upgrade

I was going to convert a PE2900 over to vSphere so I called dell to get a quote on more ram possibly the part # so I didnt have to go through them directly but they wouldn’t give it to me lol instead sent me a quote. 2 grand for ram where do you guys order your ram ?

Sounds about right, RAM is expensive, it uses one transistor per bit and those transistors are like a penny a piece… so for a megabyte you’re talking 8 million pennies.

As per , this is the stuff you need. $270 for 2x4GB.

I’ve used Kingston ram in my dell servers before, no complaints here. Just make sure you get the right stuff as per their configurator.

Yeah, honestly I haven’t ever had a problem with Kingston’s configurer or their RAM.

We get ours from CDWG … do you know what kind you need?? I have a SHITLOAD for Dell PowerEdges that we aren’t using. Matched sets some is even new …

You’re not just paying for the set of RAM that arrives in the mail; you’re also paying for several sets of RAM that failed the durability tests and had to be thrown away. Servers get worked really hard if you’re using them properly, so it’s a good idea to have the most reliable parts.

How much RAM are you getting for that $2000? Nowadays it seems like you should get about 4GB of server RAM per $500.

no details on what the quote was for and you want to know what we think?

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