Need help creating a RAID 1 array… Intel software has no "Create" button!

I’m having some problem setting up a RAID 1 array. I just did a clean install to my SSD and I want my new 2TB’s to be in RAID 1. I created the volume in the BIOS setup and installed Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology program and I’m trying to follow it’s direction where it says to create a volume under the program, but there’s just no create button!

WTF’s going on?

I’m running Win7 SP1, an MSI P45-8D mobo, Intel 80GB SSD system drive and hopefully the 2 2TB’s in RAID 1…

Any suggestions? Thanks!

The array’s ready, you need to partition and format it though – right click my computer, click Manage and then Disk Management. You should be able to figure it out from there.

D’oh… Well, at least it’s something simple like that… Thanks.

Yeah, looking at that status window, the array already exists, hence there is no "Create" button.

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