Looking for recommendations for a water cooling system

I’m looking at adding water cooling to my rig and I’m looking for input.

As it stands now, I have the following hardware:

Intel i7 965
2 ATI4870x2 (4GPUs & 4GB RAM)
Asus Rampage II Extreme
ABS Canyon 695 computer case

I’m thinking about modding the ABS case to add a plexi-glass window (that is another project) and I should have enough room to add a Black Ice GTX Gen Two Xtreme 360 radiator to the front, between the front of the case and the removable front panel (I didn’t come up with this idea, I read about it on another case mod where someone used that on an ABS Canyon 965 case).

Since I have a pair of ATI 4870×2 video cards, I’ll be going with either the following:

Bitspower BP-WBVGA4870X2-BK Black Freezer GPU Block for ATI 4870X2 Video Cards


Danger Den DD-4870 -X2 Water Block for ATI Radeon 4870X2

Any recommendations as to which manufacturer is better?

Now comes the input I need from OT, what do you recommend for a pump, reservoir, and CPU block, and maybe even fittings and tubing?

Also, do you recommend even bothering with a chipset and/or memory cooler?

This is my first water cooling project, and any recommendations would be helpful.

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