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After years of learning and testing out different languages, I find myself now going back to C++ to work on a few projects I have bouncing around in my head… My question is this. What are the capabilities of C++ as far as online connectivity goes, meaning, It it directly able interface between 2 points on the internet? If so is there a 3rd party program or plug-in that would be involved?? Does it need to pass through a server to do so or will it connect ad hoc?

Some of you guys really know your stuff, and I wonder what your experience has been (because google seems to be of no help in this case… LoL)

C++ is a programming language… You seem to be looking for a library for network programming. You can look into the Winsock API if you are developing for Windows

…and this is why I don’t like the direction that the industry is headed in, because you get people thinking that a programming language itself has to have have canned network programming capabilities.

God damn you .NET…

TS… in order to send or receive data over a network your code must communicate with the network adapter, which almost always means going through the operating system, so in order to answer this question you must specify which operating system you will be developing for. Furthermore, no one in their right mind would attempt to manually communicate with any one of the thousands of possible network adapters, which is what you are looking at if you want to use only the language to get the job done… Instead, you need to use API’s provided either by the operating system or by a third party (which would also then go through the operating system) in order go through the correct driver for that hardware resource and address it properly on the bus etc etc etc….

My point is a programming language has no inherent capability to talk to any piece of hardware on your computer and it’s very frustrating that the current state of the industry leads people to believe things like this.

Thx man… In retrospect, the wording of that didnt quite come out the way I had anticipated… Long story short, when I was graduating college with my MIS degree, C# had been out less then a year and all the buzz at that point in time was that if you wanted to do anything remotely online oriented, you had to do it via C#… (Although I have many tech oriented friends, I am the only one that has ever had even the slightest grasp on coding, and therefore being slightly out of the loop would be an understatement…)

I’m just doing Java now. Droid development FTW

Ok so then let me ask this question… The foundation and fundamentals I have down… (Background: I took 2 straight years of C++ classes in college (4-5 classes) But that was 10 years ago, I’m really rusty and a lot has changed) I have gone back over the theory and such but when it comes to moving beyond a console application, I’ve hit a wall….

Any idea where I can find a comprehensive list of the libraries, API’s, or anything else of the sort so that I can see whats out there and decide which direction to go in? Any good C++ forums that anyone might recommend??

Thx guys

What operating system are you interested in developing for?

If you want to write windows applications using C++ you must learn the Win32 API (now known simply as the Windows API)


Who are you talking to… because that is exactly what I already told him…

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