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Sennheiser IE6/7/8

I made the mistake of purchasing the Power Beats.

I exchanged them for the Bose IE2’s but I really wanted the IE6 from Sennheiser. Anybody have any experience with the Sennheiser IE6 or IE8’s? Are the IE8’s worth that much more?
for the price of the IE8’s, i chose to go with UE 5 Pro customs instead. i get superior performance in a package that fits my ears perfectly.

anyone who spends that much on universal fit in-ear headsets over customs should be hit by a bus so they cant pass on their DNA.
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Iphone 4 16gb or 32 gb

I am going to pick up a iphone 4 later. Does anyone have a 16gb? and is it enough?

I have 15GB of total music at home. But I do not listen to it all. I may want to take about 5BG at any one time. And no movies will I be watching. And no big apps just a few randoms one. Does anyone thing that it will be enough?
I have the 16Gb and only have a few Gb left, but little of that is music. Most of it is apps. It’s my second iPhone so I’m carrying around 150 apps on my phone.
i have a 32GB and it averages between 17-19GB of free space at any one time. to me, it was worth double the capacity for only $100… even though i have never filled it to capacity, it’s nice to know that i’ll never be stuck shuffling things to and from it due to space restrictions.
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Downsides to Virgin Mobile?

My wife lost her phone, but we’re 3 months away from the end of our contract with Verizon, so I’m thinking of paying the ~$70 early termination fee and going somewhere else.

Virgin has a plan for $25, 250 minutes with unlimited data and text. This is way cheaper than any of the other providers, almost too good to be true.

Aside from limited phone selection (but we’re liking the LG Optimus V), what are the downsides?
downside: they’re owned by Sprint and piggyback on Sprint’s network. i got horrible reception wherever ive gone when i had Sprint, constantly dropping calls, failed calls, and texts delayed by up to a day. and then there’s their customer service.
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iPhone 4 cases

what are you guys favorite iPhone 4 cases that yall are using?
i primarily use just an Apple Bumper and UnitedSGP front and rear protective films. i also have a Speck SeeThru clear case i use when i go to concerts or sporting events since there’s a much higher risk of droppage.
i’ve been using a white iPhone bumper for quite awhile but it’s starting to get really dirty and gross looking and wont clean up so I was looking for a change.
I have a black Speck case for my iPhone.

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Atrix 4G v.anybodygettingit?

I’ve got mine on order, should be here in under a week!

despite the impressive hardware, there’s nothing out there in the app market to drive it to even half it’s potential. my high definition movies are all on a home server and a portable hard drive for use away from home, so i dont need its high def playback capabilities as well as the capability being useless on it’s miniature, obviously not high def screen (qHD). it’s also generally not a good idea, IMO, to depend on smartphone as storage for things like watching movies while connected to a TV as it then becomes troublesome to use it for things like communication. i also own a very thin and light laptop, so the Palm Folio dumb terminal attachment wouldnt save me space or weight in convenience or portability. lastly, without any provisions for LTE, it is guaranteed to become obsolete connectivity-wise within a year, correlating to AT&T’s plan to switch on LTE.
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