Shit! Cracked iPhone 4 screen. Cheap fix it ideas?

Cracked the screen like a dumb ass. Any one know a cheap way to fix it?
gonna cost you a little over 100, google iphone screens, then youtube how to do it. i did mine a month or so ago, it wasn’t hard at all.

if you want to keep your warranty but pay a lot more, take it to apple.
Unbreakable super Apple glass is breakable. Who knew Apple would produce yet another beta product?
Jilin for cheaper but that looks the best. Good link please?

Need help with an RCA HDTV

So, I have a 52” RCA HDTV, its about 5 years old, and I am not 100% sure as to the exact model name/number. The problem is for the passed couple of months the TV has decided to randomly shut itself off. The audio continues to work, but the image is black and the green LED light on the power button will blink about three times. It stays off for about a minute, then comes back on.

Now, in the passed it was simply a problem we all kind of endured through, but for the passed couple of days it has been coming on, staying on for about 45 seconds, then shutting off for a minute. It’s happened like this in the passed, I went into the settings and messed around with a bunch of things and made it work with no real concrete idea as to what I changed that actually helped. But now the new settings aren’t working and I was wondering if anyone has a permanent solution to this problem. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Shift EVO v. Sprint

What you know about that? I just cancelled my sprint SERO line last night and then saw this on there website for a Jan 9th release date. I was eligible for a full upgrade.
Can you even get EVO on a SERO plan? Sprint has basically limited people on the SERO plan to upgrade to any phone better than the Touch Pro2.
I got the EVO put on mine. All they did was add like a mandatory data fee of like 10 bucks.

you have to upgrade to SERO Premium, it’s $10 more a month and you get free sprint GPS (big deal, google nav is better) and unlimited any mobile minutes (your minutes are only counted against roaming and landlines).
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iphone 3g questions

is it possible to get into an iphone 3g without a SIM?
not as a phone, am gonna sell it, but need to make sure its working before i do.
I have a 3g I use at home for games and music without a SIM you just can’t use the phone network, but everything else works.

Iphone wifi messed up

Got an iphone 3g from my brother who upgraded to the iphone 4. The wifi doesn’t work. I didn’t even bother checking it til after jailbreaking, so it may or may not be related. After I realized it, I reset the network, did the home button + power thing, whole reset, 4.0.1 itunes restore, and it still won’t work.

Sometimes the wifi button will be grey and I can’t even turn it on or off, but right now it’s not greyed. Very rarely, I will be able to see my router, and on even rarer occasions, I will be able to connect and access the internet for like 5 seconds. I plan on using t mobile so I won’t have 3g. If I don’t have wifi the iphone isn’t worth the bulk. I’ve only had the phone for 2 days and I’ve connected via wifi a total of 3-4 times. Help me out?
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Iphone help needed

My wife has been very sick lately and due to that dropped her Iphone in a bowl of chicken broth. LOL…it went in top first like halfway…I thought I had all the broth out of it and left it out to completely dry…went back to check on it and now the backlight is not very bright at all..need to use a flashlight or any direct light to see the screen well.

I am wondering if there is a way to crack the cover open on the Iphone without destroying it? I have a feeling there might just be some dried broth on the light or something, because the phone itself still works with zero issues.
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Should I go with the Kindle 3 or DX?

Simple question and to the point.

I’ve been debating between the two for the past couple of days.
If you read mostly books, get the K3. If you need to read PDFs, tech docs, periodicals, etc, get the Dx. Go to Target, try both.
The nook

Really though, it depends on what you are looking to use it for, I personally like my E-Reader to be small enough to take with me all over the DX is to big for that in my opinion.
I love my Kindle 3. I’ve read 10 books since Christmas. If you’re just reading novels, no diagrams, the 3 is supposed to have the clearest (highest contrast) e-ink screen out there, although that may probably change soon.
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