get an ipod touch or wait for an iphone?

I have about 10 months left on my phone contract and I’m pretty sure I’ll get an iphone or some kind of smart phone. I also want to get the touch for the music, browsing and other capabilities. I’m not in a rush to get the touch, so should I just wait it out and go for the iphone when I can? They’re pretty much the same thing so I’m thinking of waiting for an iphone. thoughts?
Wait it out…you’ll thank yourself later.

FYI, more than likely the next iPhone released in Summer ’10 will have 64gb available. Plenty of space. Hell my 32gb is plenty now…using around 8gb for music atm.
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Cool BB Curve, but can’t do anything with it

For work I got a new BB Curve. The only ways it’s better than the old brick of a BB I had before is a clearer screen, and a roll ball thingy.

Any sites worth visiting are blocked through our network (fucking websense), a bunch of the features are disabled (like the camera and some apps it comes with), and I can’t download any 3rd party apps. Is there any way around this? Seems like a colossal waste of money for our company to have these fancy phones that only be used for e-mail.
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MP3s won’t play on LG env3

gf got an LG env3 and I wanted to see if I could play some of the mp3s I currently have on my microSD card, which I can play with the unlocked mp3 player on my VX8300.

However, I noticed that you can’t unlock an mp3 player on the env3, and the music menu just keeps prompting you to download through rhapsody.

Don’t wanna do that.

Is there a way to unlock an mp3 player or get a music player of any sort working with the env3?
Sorry I don’t have an LG Env3 but Howard Forums is where I have usually gotten best advice with previous phones…
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Trying to find a place to buy a couple of the USB portable hard drive cables that have the power and power/data connector on one end and the usb mini on the other…. Anyone know a source?

Thanks in advance
Yes, it is Y-shaped. No, it is not brand specific. Actually, some portable hard drives come with one. I found a case in a local store that comes with one for $24. I just don’t need an empty HD case and am reluctant to pay that much just to get the cable.

Is it something like this?
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Iphone question

My parents have agreed to allow me to stay on the family cell phone plan, but I have to send them a check for my line’s part of the bill. each month.
I have (functionally, given how little I talk on the phone) unlimited talk time already, and unlimited texting, and I haven’t done the exact math yet but i figure I will owe somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 per month.

i want to get an iphone. can i just add unlimited data to only my line and use the iphone? it seems that would be much cheaper than the $100/mo or whatever people are saying it costs to have an iphone
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AT&T data package tethering questions..

Hey guys, I’m currently with Verizon, and am looking to switch in a few weeks when my contract is up..

I’m trying to decide which way I want to go, and I think I’ll probably end up with AT&T..

I was thinking about possibly getting an iPhone, but I don’t know if I would really use the features enough to justify the $30 data package. Anyway, I was reading some stuff online about tethering, and from what I read, with non-iPod phones, you can get the data package and tether it to a laptop, providing internet service to a laptop.. I went into a store and the girl told me that its $30 more, on top of the data package.
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LG CU920 Question….

First post, so here goes..

Got an LG CU920 phone (AT&T) and.. unlike the rest of the phones I’ve had, I’m not able to make songs (MP3’s) as ringtones.

I’ve always bought extra memory for my all the phones I’ve ever had and I’ve always been able to put music on the phone and make, say, an entire a song or MP3, for Ringtone ID and the same with text messages.

However, with this phone, I can only use factory standard sounds for ring tones and text tones. It’s a pain in the ass and thinking of getting another phone just because I can’t do that one thing with this one.
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Blackberry Curve 8900 vs. Nokia E71x

Switching to ATT at the end of the month. Looking for real life info on these two phones.

Using a Curve 8300 now on Tmobile
I have t-mobile with an 8900 and I love it. I had the 8300 before as well the 8900 is such a slick upgrade. The phone was pretty much redesigned. It has a dedicated lock button which I love. It’s thinner the new OS is so much more responsive the video and camera is so much better. Just a really good phone overall.
If you can hold off…wait a month or two. The new Bold is going to be released on TMo
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Iphone hacks

Hey, I have an Iphone 3g. I’m pretty novice with doing cooler things with it. So can someone help me and in layman’s terms unlock my iphone 3g so that I can do some cooler things with it i.e. run sling player over 3g instead of just wifi and or add cooler apps? Thanx!
You’re looking to Jailbreak your phone to access those types of apps.
Unlocking only unlocks it from your carrier.

Check out Blackrain on