need help on a Sprint Phone

I originally had a sprint nextel hybrid phone that didnt get good service most of the time, but it was dependable on making calls. since i got a work nextel, i got rid of my hybrid and opted for the samsung s30. so far, its an okay phone. im getting alot of feedback on my calls and i do miss having direct connect at my fingertips. the pros is the phone has enough features to keep me occupied. the cons is the internets not as near fast as it claims, teh signal sucks at times, and i feel like im constatnly going to break the phone. im thinking of getting into the curve 8350i. any suggestions?
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Canon Video Camcorders. Anyone have one?

The wife and I were looking to get either a Canon Vixia HF100 or HF200. We’ve looked at youtube vids of zoom tests, and all that and we think we like what we see. We’ve read a lot of reviews and whatnot. Does anyone here have any personal experieance with either of these units?

And is flash drive that much better than hard drive?

What else would you guys reccommend, we are looking for a high def camera and something thats either flash or hard drive storage. Thanks
i prefer canon hv30, can get the quality examples from
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US and European GPS

Hey anyone have any experience or know of any good handheld GPS that has USA and European Maps loaded? I am looking for one int he $400 range and not sure whats good to get
why not just get a tomtom or a nuvi and just buy the sd card for whatever country/continent you need?
I bought a Garmin with US Maps, and then loaded other maps on it. Works great that way (although the extra maps are expensive)

what’s a good SMALL digital camera i can buy?

i posted this in the photography forum but thought id try here…

i’m not a professional photographer. just need something to take pics with from time to time.

I’d prefer something small so i can fit it into my pocket and preferably something less than $200.

can you guys help me out?
I’m looking for the same thing. What’s most important to me is a fast startup. The Canon SD1200 seems to have a startup of about 1 second. $180 on amazon.
bought my wife this one a couple years ago and its great, so i guess i’d reccomend whatever the current version is.
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World’s 1st Social Network App that Pays You!!

Alright, my friend recently told me about a service called ChatToText. The service allows your friends send text messages from your social network page to your cell phone. They also said that you get paid if you tell your friends about it, up to 9 levels referrals. It really works, my friend got paid through AlertPay. Here is the link to the video if you guys interested.

Looks cool… except for the face you have to spend money first.
I was going to ignore this post because it sounded like such a scam. Then I said" Hmm I wonder if he is a 1 post dick that spams message boards" so I had to click and see. Sure enough he has only 1 post.
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Palm Treo Pro

anyone have one or know much about them? my buddy has one that he wants to sell me (good deal imo) and i figure i could wipe it clean and sell it to turn a small profit. i have an iphone and my cell phone modding is quite good, i just have never dealt with a palm device before. it is with sprint if that matters.


also, if you have any idea of what i could sell it for throw it out there.
They are selling cheap on eBay. Palm didn’t do a good job pushing this phone and it was overshadowed by the Pre. I have this phone as well as my wife. We both came over from Blackberry’s (4 years) and I love this phone. Even with some of the issues I have had, I would rate it high up there.
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Thinkin bout getting a iPod Classic (120gb).. any reason i shouldnt?

im alil leary becasue im afraid of the spinning disc HDD crashing apposed to flash memory but i need more then 16gb? also is there any word that the classic will get a revamped with an acelloromater next year? whats the word on these things?

ive never had an ipod?
Coverflow is ridiculous (not good) on it. Does its thing though.
I’m thinking about buying the same thing…I have an older iPod and after the abuse I put that thing through and the fact that it’s still going strong I don’t think I could buy anything but an iPod for an MP3 player.
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