Probably a stupid question, my girls birthday is coming up…

And she really wants an iphone 3g

Now, she has t-mobile but she told me that you can unlock them..

Would I buy the phone and unlock it and it’s that easy? I know some features and what-not wont be available to her or whatever but… whatever she wants I guess i’ll get it for her.
Are you familiar with unlocking an iphone? Not that it is a hard process, just askin’.

Also, are you getting the first gen or the 3G version? As you know, the 3G won’t matter since TMobile doesn’t support it. If you find a first gen that is cheaper then that may be better.
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I need help with my iPoz 3G

I bought an iPhone off 3g 16gb Black off of Ebay. It is supposed to be jailborken and unlocked, I even did yellowsn0w unlock myself, and I am having issues getting the Edge to work. The only way I am able to connect to cydia or use safari is by connecting to my wifi and going from there.

From the about section…

Version 2.2.1 (5H11)

I will gladly admit that I am not the smartest person when it comes to this shit.

Some one help me, please!

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HTC Diamond Touch coming to Verizon tomorrow

$299 on contract.

any users here that offer opinions?

I have always been a fan of my BlackBerry 8830, but it is getting lame. I hear the ‘Niagra’ is coming soon. I am impatient as fuck, do I wait? Or jump on this?
Wow…been out for awhile already.

HTCs are very good phones, unfortunately they run WinMo. You really need to try it out in a store before you go for it.
(as far as WinMo, the lag was well enough for me to eagerly receive my iphone)
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Any HC SD cards to stay away from?

Picked up a Canon HF11 and need to pick up a few HC SD cards either 16 or 32GB cards. It can utilize Class 6 cards so I am sticking with those. I’m looking for brands to stay away from. I see names like "topram" and "adata" and have no clue about their reliability. Thanks in advance.
I had a problem with an A-Data card that went to shit…couldn’t find the original dealer so couldn’t get it replaced via warranty. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a problem though.

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iPhone or Nokia E71x?

My mother is looking for her first smart phone, she’s 67 so it needs to be easy to use.

I’ve been out of the phone market for a while now so I can’t really give advise on the newer phones out there. She’s narrowed her choices down to the iphone and the new Nokia E71x. Anyone have some input on the ease of use on the Nokia? She couldn’t use my Touch Pro so it needs to be a really easy to use interface which makes me lean towards the iphone.

Buttons are easier to see.
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G1 owners or T-Mobile customers….

Been having a problem for a while now. Usually happens with only a select few, but when they send me a text message, the same message will show up multiple times. Sometimes I get the same message over 15 times. I called TM and they said that sometimes when the system thinks I haven’t received the whole message, it will try sending it again, even though I did get the whole message. They said that I’m not getting charged for the "extra tries" which is good and all, but getting the alerts over and over again is really fucking annoying. Anybody else have this problem?
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heating pad modification

Ok this may be kind of a random question. But I have scoured the internet trying to find an answer and I just cant. My girlfriend has a stomach problem and she uses a heating pad to help ease the pain and spasms at night. However, she often wakes up in the middle of the night because the heating pad reached a certain temperature and shut itself off(at least thats what I believe happens, or is it just on a timer?). Basically I am trying to stop this from happening. I was debating on getting a different thermostat, or something along those lines. Before I go tearing it apart I just wanted to see if anybody had done this, or had any knowledge on where to look for the info. Or whatever. Please help. Thanks.
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