Should I wait for new Blackberry? 9630 I believe

Right now I’m using an 8703e Blackberry for work. They said I can get a replacement phone and I’m trying to decide if I should get one of the current ones or wait for this "Niagra" phone to come out? They’re saying it should be out in May.

I know I don’t want the Storm. I sometimes type longish emails on my Berry and don’t want to deal with a touch-screen keyboard. So, right now it is between the 8830 (I have no need for a world phone since I don’t travel) and the Curve 8330.
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Facebook Client for Android

I’ve been working on it off and on for the past few months. Finally released it tonight. Fellow Android crew, tell me what you guys think. (it’s called FriendMobilizer)

I’d say to take the "Macrospecs" off of the logo…it’s a bit obnoxious. Other than that, I like it.

Replacing a Bold lcd screen…

where can I get one cheap. those fuckers are expensive as hell. FTL

Chinese store out of Hong Kong. You’d be hard pressed to find cheaper OEM ANYTHING on line.

Yes, they ARE reliable (just had a product delivered from there yesterday – a BB curve faceplate w/lens).

Shipping is cheap. Just be patient (7-10 business days).

Also ordered stuff from (American) which often has dirt cheap OEM stuff, shipping is a little more, but I’ve had no problems with them either, buying a charging pod for a third of the regular listed price on most sites.
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blackberry 8900 help

well im trading my 16gb 2g iphone for a blackberry 8900 tonight…and i need to know how to unlock the 8900 once i get it. so post here please!
Found this link:

might be worth a shot.

Good luck buddy
I would start with a call to the carrier, tell them you bought the phone and you are moving out of country with it and need it unlocked.

Assuming the phone isn’t stolen, there is a good chance they’ll unlock it for you, or give you the necessary code to do it yourself.
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Flashing Cell Phones?

My boss asked me to research how we can flash certain cell phones we get in our store to work for different networks. Does anyone know where i could look to find some info (besides google, am looking there now ) on how to do this to certain phones.

Depends on the type of phone. I know HTC phones are VERY easy to flash (for free too!)…
There are different methods for each manufacturer and usually with each model.

A tmobile G1 can be unlocked by calling tmobile. A sony ericsson can be unlocked by going through an unlock service for ~$10. Most HTCs, as I said above, can usually be unlocked for free…my ex-Tilt was unlocked for free by going to XDA.
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Unlocked phones

I know everyone likes the N series from Nokia, but does anyone use other phones?

I’m still debating what to get

I like the N82. How does it compare to the N95 everyone loves? Anyone know anything about the Samsung i7110 yet? How about the Sony Ericsson C905?

Also, in looking around I don’t even know what is for what network. For the US networks (specifically AT&T) what am I looking for? Will the above phones even work?

Switching phones with AT&T

I have an E51 that I use AT&T’s service with. I have a N85 on the way. Do I have to go in to the store to activate the phone, or do I just switch the sim card and all that over and I’m good to go?

I’ve only had Verizon in the past so sim cards are new to me. This will be the first time I’ve switched phones on the AT&T network.

Edit: Both are unlocked phones, don’t know if that matters.
No you won’t need to activate the phone. You might want to do a little googling to find the AT&T MMS/SMS/internet settings for the N85 online, but that should be easy.
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I’m on Verizon, what phone should I get?

currently in the dark ages with a shitty flip phone, looking for something a little nicer. I would like to use the internet on the phone but I think VZW charges like $40/month for their cheapest data plan (not happening).. so if there are any decent phones that can be hacked to use the internet for free or anything, hook it up?

willing to do the 2yr renewal to get the discount.. also willing to pay $100 on top of that.
If you get a phone that’s internet-capable, and has an SD card slot, you can get a wi-fi card for it.
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