Bluetooth Stereo Headphones?

Are there any decent bluetooth headphones/earphones out there? I am sick of using an adapter to listen on my PDA. I currently use Shure E2C which I like. any ideas?
as far as I know there are no good wireless stereo headphones, or speakers on the market
I just got the Motorola S9-HD and they are badass! The standard S9 sucks from everything I have read on it, but the HD really has excellent sound.

cheap(er) mp3 player that works with XP x64??

I had a zune, (got it for free through that exploit a while ago ) but it never worked for XP x64. If Microsoft cant even get their junk to work with their own OS I’m hesitant to go out and spend money on something else. Anyone know of a mp3 on the cheap side that will work with 64 bit edition of XP?
Zune won’t work with x64 vista? Wtf? I was planning on buying one too.
user error.

zune works fine with vista 64.

Satellite radio unit

I’m looking to purchase one of those satellite radio unites that mount in your car and work via FM modulation and you can then take it around with you. So I guess I’m asking which device is the best and what does the future of satellite radio look like with this recent merger.
i’ve been hearing good stuff about slacker radio’s portable unit…not sure if its exactly what you want, but it’s worth taking a look

yes, is it true that they’re censoring everything now?
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Reformatting HD with two OS on same partition

The computer was originally installed with Win98 and then someone went ahead and installed WinXP onto the same partition. So now the HD as two OS.

The owner wants to go ahead and just wipe the HD and then re-install WinXP as the only OS.

Can I go ahead and do this the normal way of popping in the XP disk and reformatting it that way? Or should I do it through the bios and fdisk it first?

Yes, XP’s setup should format the whole drive for you and then install XP as the sole OS.
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Does anyone have this problem with their zune? When i put new music on it, some of the songs make the zune freeze. Then you can never listen to it on the zune because it says the music either Cant be played Or its missing. it is really pissing me off.
Is it certain songs or is it random? Maybe the songs that make it freeze got corrupted somehow?

it is only certain songs. but i just put some on there and all but 3 are corrupted.
Yeah and i’m listening to it now. and it waited until 5.15 seconds of the song to freeze for 5 minutes and then skip songs. FUCKING PIECE
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So I have an Alltel HTC PPC 6800 with Windows Mobile 5.0 on it…

How the hell do I update it to 6.1? The only download I can seem to find is 6.0 to 6.1 but I am scared to do it because mine is 5.0.

This is what I found. Would it work?

Your going to have to put on a new bootloader and update. Theres a ton of FAQ’s on that forum. Its called the HTC Titan
No it is a 6800.

This thing is amazing compared to my Q. I can do almost anything with it.

I may keep 5.0 on it since everything seems to work fine with it.
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non oem batteries ok? v. 8801

i need a new battery for my phone and i was wondering if non oem batteries would work in the desktop charger thing?

oem battery is back ordered from nokia and it’s like $50 or something

ebay they all say they are oem and have nokia sticker on it but i read the reviews even though they are 99% positive some say it isn’t oem

so does it really matter if it’s oem or not?

Hey Trust Issue

Im not trying to span of advertise but im curious if anyone heard about this site or used it. Im wondering because they have the env2 for free and it is wayy better then what verizon itself is offering. If it is legit then whats the catch? why is it soo cheap?