I’m looking to buy an Xbox 360 and a TV v.iknownothing

I’d like to spend ~$800 on the lot. My friends were telling me that I need a 360 with a hard drive.

The 20GB 360 is $260 from what I see, so that leaves me with $540 for the TV, and I don’t really care to have the best of the best, it’ll be in a dorm room so it may get a little damage and I think I’d prefer size over great amazing quality. I’m not set on anything though, so if I need a different Xbox or there is a TV I should stay away from I’ll take all input.

Thanks for any help I can get.
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Black Berry Storm

New Touch screen black berry coming out end of the year.

Seeing how someone just put my iphone through the wash, I’m thinking about switching. ANyone have any info?
You don’t read this sub-section much do you? There is a TON of info in here and all over the internet.
Verizons website shows the new storm coming out 11-21-08 for $199 with 2 year contract no word how much without contract.

Posting from my storm now and loving it.

Pantech Duo

Hey guys I recently got a pantech duo a couple months ago. I like the phone although there are better phones out there for the money now. I was wondering if anyone knows of any tips or tricks for the phone?

I’ve already installed the DuoSTT program that allows the phone to answer or hang up the phone by sliding the phone open or closed.

gadget crew: what would you like to see made out of carbon fiber?

im working at a small composite lab and wanting to see if there is demand in carbon fiber parts that the market is lacking. what would you guys want to have that isnt made or is too expensive? last time i posted i heard iphone cases, bumper canards, vehicle specific interior pieces, etc. i know you guys are on other vehicle-specific websites give me your ideas, PM or post here
thanks these are the kind of responses im looking for, both would be very easy! i know you guys are on other car forums and have an interest in even a small batch of car parts (scoop for WRX for example or interior pieces, valve covers, or any obscure thing that nobody else is making), id love to hear your input
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Lookin to buy a camera

Wife is pregnant, and we need a new camera to keep up with pictures. She is set on the look of something like the EOS Rebel XS from Canon, but I need to know if this is something more than we will need. I usually stick to name brands with electronics. Any suggestions?

I know nothing about cameras, and price is not an issue. We just need something to produce some good quality pictures to pass around.
You have to decide what you need it for. If you nothing about cameras, perhaps diving into the deep end with a DSLR may not be the right place to be although the EOS Rebel XS does have a good user rating. Alternatively you can look at the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50or other cameras in that range. There are other types of cameras in that category as well. They rival highly with the picture quality of most SLR and have the added advantage of a movie mode which you wont get with single lens reflex. The Mega Zoom ranges from Sony and Panasonic are a great place to start with that. One this you will lose out on however is the upgrading options like extra lenses and filters which the SLR will undoubtedly provide room for. Another thing that comes to mind is that you probably don’t need the 10.1 mega pixels that the Cannon comes with. If its just for happy snaps, a simple point and shoot would be adequate. Try the Sony cybershot range or the Nikon has some high resolution options, up to 8 megapixel, just in case. The main thing that you’ll get out of the 10MP from the cannon is the ability to print your photos to ridiculously huge sizes without loss of image quality. If you want top of the range, go for the Cannon, but if you don’t want something surplus to requirement look at something like a point and shoot. Hope that helps.
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best mobile phone forums

Hello all, Can you recomend me please some good forums for mobile phones? I tried howardforums but I think there are not so many users, I do not get many answers when I ask a question. thanks
might help to specify what phone it is that you have.

I have a Nokia right now, but I am thinking to switch to a Sony Ericsson
Are you looking for general cell phone discussion, or ones based on a particular model/brand?

I am looking for general cell phone discussion forum, where I can ask: what models have this or that feature thanks
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Help, my iPod touch fell in water! :-(

I dropped my iPod touch into some water earlier today. Got it out immediately. Everything was working fine. But now the lock button isn’t functioning properly. It never locks (except for auto lock when kept idle) and if I push the button a bunch of times occasionally it will ask me to slide the slider to power off. I bought this off eBay about a month ago. It’s 2nd gen, which came out a few months ago. Is there a warranty? This device just came out, it’s under a year old. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
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