Bluetooth headphones?

I’m looking for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones

Similar to the Motorola S9…

Anyone have any experience… suggestions? I dont want to buy more then one pair of these things….

Haha, I saw the thread title and thought "moto s9". I use them, they’re great. Sorry.

So they worked well?
Does eBay sell knock off or are they really only 30 or 40 buck?

I dunno, my wife bought mine for me, she said they were like $45 on amazon.
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Need help with AT&T network (unlocked Nokia)

I just got my E51 but I’m having a few issues and obviously AT&T was no help because of what phone it is. When I try to access the instant messaging it says I need "Server name", "Access point in use" and "Web address" and I have no idea what to put.

I’m also trying to figure out, but that’s another issue.

Short of having the headphones plugged in, is there any way to get the radio (and I assume to play through the speakers? If the headphones are the antenna would assume there may be something you could just plug in for reception but would play through the phone speakers?

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Itouch and itunes Question

i have a long list of music but how do i choose which albumsi want on my Itouch

For example out of the 30 albums i have i only want 3 on my Itouch

How would i go about doing this

Plug in your iPod and go to it in iTunes and select manage music manually.

HP iPaq won’t use power on w/ battery

I recently got a HP iPaq 2200. It’s from about 2004. It works when it’s plugged into the dock. But as soon as you remove it from the dock, it looses power, and must restart windows from a power lost state.

Basically, it acts like it has no battery power, but the battery meter saids 100%. When it was found in an old drawer, it didn’t have any juice left, but I plugged it in and watched the battery meter climb little by little, and was 100% after about 2 hours.
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Samsung PN42A400

Is the Samsung 42" 780p Plasma a good tv? We watch mainly sports, tv series’, and will eventually be playing PS3. I found one online for $699 and Wal-Mart will have them on Black Friday for 698. I figured online would be best as it’s readily available now as opposed to fighting the crowd.

Which TV should I buy??? Help me Choose!

1. Toshiba REGZA 42" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV** (42RV530U)

2. Sony Bravia 46" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV** (KDL46S4100)

3. Samsung 1080p 46" LCD HDTV** (LN46A550) – Future Shop Exclusive

4.Sony 40" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV** (KDL40S4100)

Well, I would say the biggest cheapest one. A friend got a 46" samsung for 1200 I think. 1080p even. He found it on amazon.

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