how do i unlock an AT&T BB curve for tmobile

Just call AT&T and saying you need the unlock code because you’re going out of the country.

There’s some new law that says they have to unlock it for you. Call them and you should be able to do it over the phone. TMobile is running on AT&T’s network from like 2000 though

Wait, say I have a Samsung SGH-E635 locked on T-Mobile, I can call/email T-Mobile and say I need it unlocked and they can do it??

Unlocking Phones

Ok so I picked up a T-Mobile Samsung SGH-E635 from someone today, and I thought it was already unlocked but it’s saying "Wrong card".

With my Nokia I unlocked yesterday, there was a thing online I just threw my IMEI into and it gave me the codes to unlock it.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to unlock this phone?

611 on your mobile, request an unlock code from t-mobile, wait 1 week, enjoy vodafone
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Need Help w/ Universal Remote – Digital Cable


I just had to upgrade to comcast’s digital cable since they moved half my channels off of the basic i was paying for.

Upon receiver my digital box and remote, i tried using the codes provided but could not get my olevia 42" and the digital cable remote to connect.

Does anyone know a universal remote i could use that will work with both? but not trying to spend an assload, if i have to use 2 remotes like i currently am and saving $90 bucks that is fine with me.

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Tmobile G1 android

anybody gonna get this when it comes out?

not i. it just looks too much like an early release. i’d wait for better hardware and for the OS to be smoothed out.

Not I. First of all it’s t-mobile, so it’ll suck. Secondly, it’s htc, so it’ll suck. Lastly it’s google, and it’s so locked-down to a single online marketing-spider-friendly profile that it’s pathetic.

I think I’ll wait for the 2nd gen to come out. I’m tired of getting 1st gen stuff: 1g iPod touch, my 2004 Mazda3.

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Anyone know anything about upcoming prices for HDTVs?

Bought a PS3 over the weekend and found out I can’t hook it up to my monitor without dropping $130 on some 3rd party bullshit HDMI to VGA adapter, so now I’m in the market for either a new TV or monitor.

I remember hearing that prices for HDTVs and the like will likely fall a lot for the holidays. Anyone have any insight in this?

every year around the holidays they put out new products and the previous ones drop in price.

New models come out in Late spring/summer for almost all manufacturers.

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Verizon and the Dare

I have a question, does anyone have the Dare on the Verizon Network and get shitty reception in South San Jose. Here is an example of my problem.

My phone was sitting on my desk, I send a text message out to my friend, and then as soon as it was sent, I get 5 new texts messages and two new voice mails all at once. Some of the texts were sent around 7:00ish and such. I get them all at 9:00.

I have spoken to the people at the Verizon store and they blame the network. Is it really the network or is it the phone. For $70 a month, I want my shit on time.
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Need info with dL’ed Blu-Ray movies

Just purchased a new T.V. and a Sony S350 Blu-Ray player. I have a bunch of movies both Blu-Ray and non that I was wondering if I could somehow play them using my Blu-Ray Player. Was wondering if I could connect the player to an external hard drive with the movies on it and play it like that? If not what are my options?