Cell Phone and Alarms

I want a Prepaid cell phone that will automatically send a picture to my email or similar. And a 185 decibel alarm. Or some way that I can monitor my house from the internet.

yeah. Good luck with that.

You can get 125dB alarms. I saw them for sale from Mouser. They are very loud. 185dB is just plain excessive.

There is software you can install on a PC to use a webcam that you can record movement while you’re gone and watch live over the internet from away from home. And you can wire up door and window sensors to a circuit to monitor for intrusions. Maybe you can integrate the 2 to send pictures to your cell phone when an intrusion is detected.

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bluetooth v. Jawbone2

Anyone have one?

You like it?

I’m in the market for a new earpiece, and was curious if it was worth the money for it. if not, what do you guys recommend?

it’s a pretty good headset, but a bit more expensive than what a lot of people want to spend

i’d suggest a samsung wep200 since it’s small, cheap, and performs well

original jawbones can be had for $65ish online, and jawbone2s for around $100

I heard the new jawbone sucked. I dunno if it does…looking for some reviews.

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***Zune Crew*** vPostyourZuneTag

Post your Zunetag so we can add each other as friends. I’ll start mine is:


and who is BigRob…
my zune software is picking him up…he has a black 80gig

JDM Babaganoosh

says both of you don’t exist

you can message other friends and see what they have recently played. You can also make friends by commenting on a favorite artist and becoming friends with people that comment on the artist also if you like.

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Sprint Blackberry: Any new ones coming out soon?

Looking to switch from Verizon. Interested in an 8830 (travel to China a fair bit) or an 8330 but I don’t want to buy something right now if a new phone is coming soon.

Nothing is coming out soon for Sprint. CDMA is always the last to get anything. You are good for at least 6 months if you get an 8330.

nothing on the horizon

just got an 8330 today, loving it so far

gonna make the browser work with sero when i has time tomorrow

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Anyone used a slingbox?

Or a device similar? I am looking to hook one up to my TV in Iowa so I can watch the local news while I am on the road.

Does anyone have a review on this equipment?

this is basically the software version of a slingbox

however, my upstream on my dsl is shit, so using a slingbox would result in a pretty low quality picture

i have a slingbox and use it all the time when i am away from the house. its a great buy.

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Nintendo DS Lite Phone

With and R4DS or various other nintendo ds adapters, not only can you download almost any title out. You can also make free international phone calls. With the help of free downloadable software. This video proves it!.

more info here:

thats pretty neat, might pick up a ds. It would save me ~20 a month in int’l calls.

I use internet to download titals……..


but cliffs on the service it actually uses when it accesses wifi?

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I need a new Verizon phone… any suggestions?

I’m looking to upgrade phones soon and wanted to know what people thought of a verizon phone that does the following:

ability to notify me of a new email from gmail/yahoo/thunderbird
qwerty keyboard
decent html browser
ability to open pdf/msoffice email attachments

I’d like a Curve but can’t justify the $30/month blackberry plan but is that my only option?

I’ve heard the Dare is a nice phone but it seems something a teenager would have, which I’m not. I might switch carriers if need be but enjoy the coverage verizon has in my area.

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Verizon Crew: LG Dare of Samsung Glyde???

What’s the difference? Both phones seem to have very similar features. Glyde is the new hotness with a better camera and larger screen but is over $100 more expensive. I’ve had great luck with Samsung phones but haven’t heard a whole lot about the glyde. Is it a cheap POS or is the Dare just overpriced right now because it’s new?

i’ve read that the touch screen on the glyde is very unresponsive at times…sometimes it will light up like you touched it, but nothing will actually happen
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New cell phones for this year (what I want)

For the last 3 or so months I’ve been very patiently waiting for the Xperia X1 and the HTC Touch Pro to come out so I could decide which I would get. Then this bombshell drops: and now I don’t know what to do

When it comes to a local store I’m guna go play with it. I’ve actually built a few apps for android already (RSS reader stuff mostly) and I stopped because of sdk issues and I didn’t particularly like the first edition they released but the new videos of it are looking /good/

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