PIck out my new phone

or help me decide what i should get

1st. I dont have a internet plan so just be reminded

i need a qwerty phone, cause i text way to much and t9 is a bitch sometimes
ive been thinking about a phone with wi-fi so basically i’m looking at

BB Curve
BB Pearl (Meh)
nokia e71?
iphone 2g?

wifi is basically worthless and is only for carriers with shitty data networks.

Get CDMA Curve on Sprint.

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Hey guys I just got a laptop and I can’t seem to figure out how to sync my songs to my laptop, reverse sync so I have my library back. I can’t burn to CDs or anything since I’m using the Zune Pass with DRM-subscription tracks. Can anyone gimme some help?

Thanks guys

You can just install the zune software on your new laptop, register it as one of your primary computers, BUT it will delete all the content on your zune and you will have to go to settings > account > subscription, and there will be a button for "restore all" which will re-download everything onto your laptop and resynch it to your zune.
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noob question about hdmi

I think I know the answer to this, and I feel dumb for asking it, but here goes:

I have cable going directly into my tv (no cable box). I have a DVD Player with hdmi cables going to my Onkyo 606, and then HDMI going out to the TV. If I just want the stereo sound, from my cable, to get to the receiver, do I have to use a toslink from the audio-out on the tv to the receiver, or is there some way the audio can come back out of the tv from the HDMI in?

(I’m guess you can’t get audio ‘out’ to come from an ‘hdmi in’, so the answer would be yes, but I just want to know for sure).

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I got paid today v. HDTV

Both are pretty good deals, best TVs for their size range on CNET, OT what should I get?


shit got excited and forgot pricing, Panasonic is $799.99 + $99.99 shipping = ~$900, Samsung is $629, free shipping

vizio for same cost but at 47inch ftw.

I have LG, Philips, and Samsung and Vizio, they are pretty much equal.

First determine what size of tv you’ll need/want. Most people, when asked, wish they’d bought a bigger tv.
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Strange HDTV issue

I have a Samsung 65 series HDTV that I’ve been having an issue with lately, but the problem is kind of strange. It’s done this both before and after I got a stand-alone home theater system (a really small/cheap one from Sony), and only seems to do it with the PS3. Here are the details:

– Happened both before and after adding audio system
– Audio system works by having one main unit (also the sub) that you plug everything into (right now have the cable box HDMI, PS3 HDMI, and audio components for the 360), and a single HDMI cable that plugs into the TV
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dare vs curve…

I got verizon to move my new every two date up to today. So in the morning I’m getting a new phone and I’m torn between the dare and the curve. Whcih phone would ot get and why?

The Curve is a more flexible phone IMO with more software options and a real keyboard (much better than touchscreen keyboards IMO). On top of that, the data plan is cheaper for BBs if you just get the $30 email/data plan.

Curve is cheaper too.

just ordered mine, should be here in a day or two
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Refurbished iPod Touch

Wondering if anyone has experience buying refurbished iPods directly from Apple?
If you do, how does the quality of the item compare to a new iPod? Have you had any issues with it?

I can get a 32GB iPod Touch for $469.99 brand new and for $419.99 refurbished. Is it worth it to go refurbished and save $50.00?


I just became a member of the apple family not to long ago and I have heard nothing but good things about refubed stuff from apple. basically flawless just in used condition (obviously). It’s really up to you. I believe you can still add the apple care to refubed stuff so either way just do your homework. good luck!

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Armband for iPhone

Does anyone know of a GOOD armband that I can get for my iPhone when I go to the gym?

I found one on the internet. Anyone know about it?

I can’t stand people that wear their MP3 players on their arms at the gym. It’s as if they wanna call attention to their tiny arms. Throw it in your pocket or on your belt (and if it’s on your belt please don’t put your shirt behind it trying to show off or you will get a plate to the face).

yes, the faggotry is high for anyone that wants to wear an armband.

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