Getting songs off an ipod

What’s a program that will take the songs off my ipod and put them into itunes? I just got a laptop and don’t feel like reloading all my music.

Easiest way is to open the ipod, show hidden folders, one will show up called music. Drag it onto your desktop. The filenames are going to be really weird, but if you copy it into iTunes and have iTunes manage your music folder it will rename and sort all the files for you according to the tagged information. Has worked great for me with several different ipods and for the times when my music drive in the computer crashed to get my music back.

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LG Shine or Sony Ericsson w580i

Which phone does OT prefer? The w580i is free. The shine is $50 after rebate. The shine feels a little more sturdy, but the sony supposedly has a little better reception. I know the buttons crack in the 580, but that’s the only negative I’ve really heard.

I’m looking for something that works as a good mp3 player and possibly a movie player. Camera quality isn’t so important.

Which do you think would be more water resistant? I’m a cyclist and I sweat a lot. I don’t want the phone to get water damage.
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I need a new fone… AT&T

I’ve had a BlackBerry Curve
I have currently a Edge iPhail (I dont want the new one either)

I really miss the Nokia cell phones that were hawt in the early 2002-2003… I haven’t tried there new series yet due to the fact that they are 400+ on eBay and AT&T doesn’t sell them.

Anyone have a suggestion? I’ve thought bout the Tilt but thats a big paperweight if you ask me…

I really miss the T9 the Nokia’s used… I could text and drive (not that it matters) without looking at the screen, faster then I can text on my BB or iPhone while I wasn’t driving lol.
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My blackberry keeps erasing my calls list and messages

Blackberry keeps erasing my messages and clears my call list. any reason why?

Check your free memory: Options/Status/File Free:

What you are describing is typical of the problems caused by low available memory. Any time "File Free" drops below 10 000 000 bytes, the phone will start deleting call logs and text messages without warning to free up memory. Text messages may be deleted as soon as they arrive, before you have had time to read them.

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Sero email and employee CID

Does anyone work at sprint and is willing to tell me their email address and the last 3 digits of their employee id (CID)?

I already have three sero accounts and I’m looking at adding a fourth (data card). I know they changed their plans around so I want to get some pricing info and browse the site.

If it makes a difference I will agree only to browse and not to buy without your permission. I’m in the planning stages right now, anyway, and I would like to have access to the site to facilitate my research.
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Asus Ares CG6150 Gamer PC

Asus Ares CG6150 Gamer Chic PC

Saw this a few months back, anyone by chance seen a price estimate on this thing? This is my first post on this forum, so this might have already been seen before–but wanted to check just in case. I imagine it could handle solitaire verrrrry well… among other things.

Oh yeah, here are the specs:

-4 Intel Core 2 Extreme CPUs
– 4nVidia graphics chips
-8GB of DDR3 memory
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any tmobile customers using the blackberry 8320? wifi question

its time for a new phone. my samsung t509 is randomly shutting off and the battery has been sucking the last few months. i was loooking into the blackberry 8320 as my next phone. i have never had a smart phone and dont really have a huge need for one, but i read this phone can pick up wifi and that got me interested. I dont use internet enough to justify the extra $20 a month for internet and im in enough areas with wifi that i can get just use random networks.

But ive been getting mixed reviews on whether you can surf the web with that wifi or if its just used for the free hotspot calling.
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