Nokia N Series unlocked phones

Can you use these phones on the Verizon network?

And my understanding for internet is that it’s litterally internet in that you have to connect to WiFi somewhere as opposed to how you would use the Verizon service on one of their own phones.

No, you cannot use a Nokia N Series (GSM) on Verizon’s CDMA network. You might want to try a few years later when we move on to LTE.

I can use the web on my N95 with AT&T data or with WiFi.

I’ve been trying to read up more on Verizon opening their network, but that info is all over the place. We’ll see what happens. Those N series phones look pretty nice.
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Sprint Laptop Wireless Internet

MUCH better than Verizon. Average speeds are a few hundred Kbit/sec faster on Sprint than Verizon… And Verizon throttles their connection like a motherfuck. There are days that I’ve needed my laptop connected for 8 hours, and the Verizon connection will throttle-down after being connected too long… Disconnecting and reconnecting brings the speeds back up.

Cost-wise, sprint is cheaper, too.

I highly recommend Sprint SERO for data cards.

I want the iPhone 3g but…

I just read that if you are currently in a contract with ATT and do not own the 1st gen iPhone then you will not be able to get the 3G for 199 or 299…that sux!

i have the att tilt and i guess i’ll just have to sell it on ebay and pay the difference to get the 3g iPhone

i want the iphone 3g but I refuse to use that pile of shit known as AT&T Mobility.

whatever, I’ll still be buying it even though I don’t have a 1st gen iphone.

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Iphone question

Say you get an 8GB Iphone. How much space is left after the OS is installed?

OS partition is around 200MB. Also keep in mind that there is some space used by formatting and 1GB ≠ 1024MB but rather 1000MB when they list it. I think I had like 7.32GB free when my iPhone was new?

$130 for a phone like the tmobile dash?

Coworker is looking for a phone like the Dash (what i’m using) for that price range. What other phones are out there with similar features? I just use mine for calling, web browsing, and text.

I can sell your friend a slightly used unlocked Dash for $100 (still has the screen protector on it, no scratches; the only issue with it is the rubber part that goes over the USB port has some marks on it due to normal wear and tear).

Otherwise, I would recommend looking at some of the BlackBerrys. Alternatively, you might want to look into getting an unlocked version of an AT&T Smartphone.
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Windows Mobile Crew – Something of interest!

I’ve just released a Facebook application for Windows Mobile 6.0 Smartphones and Pocket PC’s. Let’s you get notifications sent straight to your home screen, among other features. This requires a data plan (preferably unlimited).

Where to get it:


If you have guys have any questions, post here. I’ll respond ASAP.

Motorola phones are not supported. They will be in next release.

Mods, I hope this thread is okay. The application is free. There’s nothing like this on the market. The faceofmobile website also has no advertisements.

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ATT Tilt 8925 – help modify?

I am about to get a att tilt 8925 from fed ex any time now and I was wondering about what modifications and custom apps etc… I could add to it to make my tilt a better phone over all.

I have heard out of the box it is an okay phone with a confusing interface amung other problems or annoying things. I have seen countless youtube videos of tilts that have been modified and they not only look sexy but from what I hear run much better.

Where do I need to go to learn how to safely modify my tilt and give it a little extra power where its needed, any websites or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Does anyone have a Moto Q??

I’m leaning towards this phone with alltel and I was wondering if anyone has any positive/negative feedback on how it is.

i used to have it

it’s a piece. crappy battery life, wm5, etc

I have it through verizon, had it for about a year and a half….its an alright phone, not great…but i can’t wait to get a new phone.

well, I currently have a razr v3m so basically anything is an upgrade.

great advice

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New Phone time need suggestions

I’m going to pay off one of my bigger debts on Wednesday so I’m rewarding myself with a new phone because 1. My phone is broken and 2. I haven’t bought anything for myself in like 2 months. So this is kind of like my reward for paying off so much debt.

Heres what I’m looking for
-AT&T or unlocked phone
-plays mp3s and video
-is under or around $250

open to all suggestions.

thinking about getting this

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