Please help with GPS choices

I’ve narrowed down my search to these, and wonder if anyone has valuable feedback:

1. TomTom 920 ($349)
2. Navigon 7100 ($299)
3. Harmon Kardon 810 ($399)
4. Mio 520 ($299)

I’ve only used the Garmin Nuvi 350 before, and I like it, but the ones above intrigue me. Any suggestions?

I love my tomtom one. I’d definitely consider another if I was in the market again. I believe the 920 has a bigger screen and hands-free calling capabilities.

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radar detectors

looking to spend around $100

the more ive red up the more confused i am…

preferably need one for radar and lasar…

whats my best bet?

RadioShack ones are just as good as anything out there from the testing I did a while back. One beat my V1 for distance of detection. I’ve had plenty of detectors and jammers over the years and nothing beats just driving smart.

driving smart, and dick cops are 2 diff things, they like to nail people 5 over around here…so radioshack, cobra, what brand, and im assuming i want a 360 degree with 12+ bands…

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Blackberry questions v. Hotmail

I am trying to help someone setup their new Blackberry with a Hotmail address.

If I set the Hotmail address to forward to the Blackberry it will delete all messages from the browser inbox. I am wondering if I upgrade their account to "Hotmail Plus" if I would get the ability to forward messages and keep a copy on their server.

I know that gmail and others can do it but this person really wants to stay with the Hotmail address.

Any help appreciated.

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cable decoder boxes

Do they work if you have basic cable to unlock the higher channels?

it’s a whopping $5 diff per month in my area from extended basic to their digital tier. (basically just the lease on the box) so just pay the fucking money.

Help: cell phone #

Hi, someone’s been phoning me from a blocked number maybe once every 2-3 weeks to harass or talk shit. Last night they called and forgot to block their number and now I have it.

Is there anything I can do to find out who the number belongs to? Or any services i can do to spam there texting/etc?

I want to find out their name mostly though anyone help me?

You can have your service provider block calls to your phone from a number (even if the offender blocks it i think).
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garmin gps

gps is messed up. tried to buy maps from the site and they won’t let me cause i don’t have a ticket that came with my box or my reciept. So what do I do. I need to unlock the maps but garmin basically told me theirs nothing I can do. Can I use a different program

"acquire" the maps elsewhere

there is this place where pirates hang out, some type of bay…

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help with using cell phone in taiwan

so i’m traveling to asia in the summer, will my unlocked gsm razr work there if i just pop in their sim card? or should i just get a prepaid phone there?

taiwan uses both gsm and cdma.

the majority of the coastline has 900/1800MHz coverage.

should work fine. but the cheapest plan they have is like a 30 dollar contract for 29 minutes. but they give you free incoming. so what we did was call whoever we needed to call and hang up then they would call back. we went into one of the major service providers so you may be able to bargain hunt. good luck

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