Anyone have a N95 8gb?

Yes. Pretty good, lots of software out for it and its build quality is excellent. The GPS could be a little better and it is a little bulky, but apart from that it’s sweet.

The new black 8gb with US 3g is about to be out. Some places have the new black 8gb US 3g north America by march 4th.

price is bullshit though, the Nokia store in NYC has it for $800usd??? thats quite a premium over the n95-2 8gb when the only difference is U.S. 3g

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t-mobile blackberry 8100.

I just picked this phone up and have no idea how to take videos with it. I can take pictures with really good quality but there is no option to take videos. Anyone know what to do?

you can’t record video. you can only playback video

Its an alright phone. i got one myself.

I love my 8130… But CDMA > GSM… I also get the 2mpx camera and video functions.

All you got was a "color-change" trackball.

I love my 8130… But CDMA > GSM… I also get the 2mpx camera and video functions.
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Unlocking a iphone??

So my friend found an iphone. So he tries to use it but it has a security code. You know those passwords you need to enter so you can use it so none uses your phone.

Well obviously since he found it he doesn’t know the code. Is there anyway he can get by this??

what if u connect it to your computer and use itune’s restore feature?

Don’t be a dick and return it to the owner.

how? not that i advocate it but if its locked its not possible to access contact info. Although i believe you should call apple and give them the serial number and try to track the owner down. I lost my iphone and i couldnt be more grateful when the guy took it home, charged it, found my number from the contacts (i was using it as a touch at the time, no sim card so basically a free iphone), and returned it.

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Asus Eee PC worth it?

I need want a laptop with wifi capabilities and the usual.

I was reading on this months Popular Sci. mag. that you can switch the OS from linux to Xp and also do a slight modification like put in 2gb Ram vs 512mb that’s in there. And other stuff.

I’ll be using it for internet mainly on the go, have a desktop that do most of my other stuff.

So was wondering is the 300 worth it or should I look into a more deals for laptops that has more options? Btw 300 isn’t my limit for a laptop, it just looks nifity

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Some Iphone help please…

I was wondering if anyone knew how to put up a background picture on the home screen?

You will have to jail break your phone to do that.

Unless you talking about the screen when you slide to unlock.

if your talking about the home screen then you will have to jailbreak it which will void your warrenty

New Jailbreaks are completely reversible so if your iphone wont power on and you cant dfu mode into it then they cant either so theyre just gonna check you didnt do a hardware unlock and give you a new one, if they can dfu into it then so can you so you can reverse it before sending for repair.

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Verizon: LG Venus Ringtone help

Anyone have any help or insight on how to get mp3’s or other sounds to work as a ringtone?

i have the Micro SD card with some sound clips on it, but i cant put any of them as a ring tone…

ghey verizon

Drop them in /brew/mod/10889/ringtones with BitPim setup for a VX8700.

i just DLed the newest version of BitPim, and it wont detect the phone…

says something about port settings. Im using the usb cable that came with the phone.

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