Windows Mobile opinions

I recently got an HTC Mogul (I use Sprint) and it’s a nice phone, but I’m getting fed up with Windows Mobile. Often my typing is delayed, the touchscreen is not sensitive or takes a long time to respond, sometimes menus go crazy, and plus if you run more than one program or browse the internet and switch applications, things get bogged down incredibly quickly. Plus battery life is atrocious. I’m seriously considering switching to a non-Windows device because I’m getting rather annoying with these bugs that I never experienced with other smartphones like my old Blackberry Pearl and 7290 w/T-Mobile. Any suggestions on different phones or ways to speed up my Mogul?
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Anyone with Verizon have the Motorola Q 9m?

Thinking about getting one as it has a lot of features I want and it is cheaper then a Blackberry (which has more stuff then I need anyhow). Is it good/bad, other thoughts on it?


I’ve owned a couple Q’s and just couldn’t deal with the lag. I can’t imagine the bloated 9m would be any better.

They are definately one of the slowest smartphones out there. The whole ui is just slow, menus lag when changing pages, etc. Trying to navigate the phone with MP3’s playing is completely useless.
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Verizon v325i

Never done this, but could anyone tell me how to unlock it so i can use it on a dif network

Only other network you can really use it with in the US would be Sprint as they are the only other big one that uses CDMA. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM which isn’t compatible with your phone.

Digital Camera

Alright guys, looking to buy my girlfriend a new digital camera. She is 18 years old and I am looking to spend around 100 dollars more or less no big deal. Anything I should know, I really am clueless about this so all help is appreciated.

Honestly I wouldn’t bother with a $100 digital camera. Usually in that price range you end up with a camera that takes grainy pics, uses regular batteries (you’ll burn through AA alkalines at an alarming rate, or will need to buy lots of high-capacity rechargeables – $$), and are just generally pretty lackluster performance and feature wise. If you can bump your budget up to about $175, you can get something pretty decent for the buck, like a Canon SD1000.

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HELP! – Micro SD Card and Verizon Cell Phone Problem!

I have Verizon & Samsung’s A930 phone, and I picked up a SD card and a card reader for it the other day and I already formatted it to the phone, and I am able to transfer, files to the card no problem my_music works fine and plays the songs in the music player.


When I put songs under my_sounds (so I can set them as ringtones) the files will go onto the card, but when I go to check them out of the phone it says no files are there…

I’ve been messing around with this for a while now and I’m not getting anywhere.
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Where to buy?

Who online has the best combo of price and service on cell phone accessories?


ya cause it’s all the same for all phones/carriers/accessories

For generic accessories, I think it would be for the most part. But if you need specifics; for a Sony w810i on the AT&T network. I am looking for a place with a solid rep on good value and customer service when it comes to things like blue tooth headsets, vehicle mounts and such.

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