Bose In-Ear Headphones

Does anybody own a pair of these? I would like to buy some good in-ear headphones for when i go mountain biking or jogging. How is the quality? Is it worth the price? Thank you!

not sure about the price difference but id HIGHLY recommend some shures….sound quality is amazing and totally worth the money, if anything happens to them in 2 years you get a brand new pair free would be the right place to see your best options.

Also, has a ton of reviews and plain information that is incredibly helpful.
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Got the HTC Touch a couple days ago

i fucking love it
windows OS runs really smoothly/efficiently, the touch screen is VERY responsive, sound quality on ringers is good, all in all i like it ALOT and would recomend it to anyone looking for a sleek small smartphone

my thing is, what apps should i DL for it to make it even better

also games for when i take a dump would be great

Cliffs: What apps/games should I DL and from where to make my dumps more enjoyable

the only program i have on mine so far is Google Maps. is a pretty good forum and also, they have programs for it

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ppc crew wm5

just got a xv6700 with all the accessories for 50 clams, and its taking a lil while to get used to. anybody have any gui program links to make it easier to use?

i’ve seen the iphone skin/theme and it looks complicated to install. are there any easier methods?

I hAve a Razor now and would like to pick up a LG Rumor…

Do these two phones use a sim card that is just a swap in to keep all my info/contacts?


The RAZR is available both GSM and CDMA, so depending on your carrier it may or may not have a SIM card. If you have Sprint it is CDMA and therefore will *not* have a SIM slot.

The LG Rumor is Sprint-exclusive at this point, and is therefore CDMA, and as a result will *not* have a SIM slot.

I like the Rumor design, but I despise LG phones. They always break. You might consider something else for your QWERTY needs.

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E-Book devices?

Whats a good one? Anybody have any experience in the sun/etc with these?

Works like a cell phone.. Wirelessly download books, and access to wikipedia.

Also $400. I’d rather just buy a book. I’d be interested in an eBook reader myself, but I can’t find anything that has a price I’d be willing to pay for it. I’ll probably just end up putting the Reader program on my PDA and use that.

I’ve been using my Dell Axim for reading ebooks from the day I got it about 2 years ago.
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Anyone else having problems with Comcast’s CDV service dropouts on calls?

Have had CDV for over a year. It never fails. With each call I make or receive, I temporary lose my outbound signal somewhere between two and three minutes into a call for maybe 15 – 20 seconds. It only happens on my end, I never lose the incoming signal. Its hard to tell exactly when it happens, as I don’t know its happening until whoever I’m talking to says ‘hello!’ ‘you still there?’.
Googling this seems to bring similar complaints, but none seem to be as regular as this. Anyone else experiencing something similar or have any type of fix for this? All a call to Comcast does is them wanting to send a tech out. I’d like to avoid the hastle for something so small if it can be avoided.
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I Need an xls reader for my BB8300 Halp?

Bueler? Maybe if I offer a little paypal incentive?

I’ve heard hype about a new(or newer) version of Documents 2 Go that everyone has been awaiting. But as far as i know, its just rumors and hype… nothing concrete yet.

I just got my BB… so i’m still learnin things. In for more learned answers.