This seems to be a fairly hot topic these days around here…

After years of learning and testing out different languages, I find myself now going back to C++ to work on a few projects I have bouncing around in my head… My question is this. What are the capabilities of C++ as far as online connectivity goes, meaning, It it directly able interface between 2 points on the internet? If so is there a 3rd party program or plug-in that would be involved?? Does it need to pass through a server to do so or will it connect ad hoc?
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Mac Mini as an HTPC?

Anyone use one as an HTPC? There have been a couple times where I almost bought the current Mac Mini but I’ve decided to hold out for the refresh.

If you are using one, how is it? Does it handle 1080p MKVs seemlessly? Any issues at all?

In for later. Been lusting after a Mini for HTPC duty for a while now. Talked my neighbor into it, but haven’t had time to go check out his setup. I’m really unsure if a refresh is going to happen given how unusual the mini’s refresh schedule has been.

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Looking for recommendations for a water cooling system

I’m looking at adding water cooling to my rig and I’m looking for input.

As it stands now, I have the following hardware:

Intel i7 965
2 ATI4870x2 (4GPUs & 4GB RAM)
Asus Rampage II Extreme
ABS Canyon 695 computer case

I’m thinking about modding the ABS case to add a plexi-glass window (that is another project) and I should have enough room to add a Black Ice GTX Gen Two Xtreme 360 radiator to the front, between the front of the case and the removable front panel (I didn’t come up with this idea, I read about it on another case mod where someone used that on an ABS Canyon 965 case).
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Google Image Search Downloader

It was posted here before. I think Ralph Wiggum made it? I lost it and would like it again.

I made it, I used to have a simpsons avatar… its called mediarachnid and you can find it rehosted about a thousand places

Keep in mind I haven’t used it in a long time and if any of the websites that it lets you download images from change the format of their links or pages it may stop working correctly, so I have no idea if it still works or not.

I made it, I used to have a simpsons avatar… its called mediarachnid and you can find it rehosted about a thousand places
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First "IT" job (anyone have QA experience?)

Hey C&P! Well I have been in a new position with a new employer for about a month. I’m working for a healthcare IT company that runs a SAAS model and integrates their telehealth solutions to different healthcare enterprises. They are a small company with about 20 employees, but a great executive team with a lot of connections and credibility in the marketplace.

My role: A lot of different things. I was brought on to begin a tier 1 tech support system, but also to train new clients how to use our software. Think of me as a mix between tech support and customer relations.
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Reinstalling Android Software?

Got in a Coby Kyros Tablet at my work, but it keeps locking up. Was wondering if its possible to restore software on tablets to see if this corrects the problem? i googled it, but i am not sure what im looking for, the website for it doesn’t have any software.

anyone done anything like this?

I think there are different models of the Kyros if Im not mistaken. Sometimes people will post a Nandroid back up. Check out this forum and see what they have. You could also install custom roms too if you can root your tablet. I dont know much about Coby though. Ive got a Droid X and Nook Color.
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Solar powered phones

I’ll keep it next to my solar flashlight and windmill-powered gameboy

Soon all small portable devices will use a multitude of energy harvesting techniques, solar is but one method among many.

There have been developments in harvesting the heat output of your hand as you hold a portable device, as well as harvesting the changes in acceleration as you move a device around or as it bounces around in your pocket. At the far end you also have the ability to turn ambient sound energy into electrical energy or even drawing small amounts directly from EM fields. Your wifi signal could soon not only provide wireless network access to your phone it could also slowly charge it as well, in conjunction with these other energy harvesting methods.

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Android phone’s memory problem

Something weird is happening with my android cell phone.

A lot of my applications were ready for new updates, so I updated them.

As they were being updated, my cousin tried to send me a text message, but I got the notification that "Low on space: Phone storage space is getting low" and then followed by "Text message memory full: Incoming message rejected due to full memory, Please delete old messages". And if I try to text someone, a popup says "Low on space. Phone storage is full. Delete some files to free space."
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iMac networking problem…

I have an airpot extreme with my iMac upstiars in my room. My macbook air works fine up there and so did my imac up until a day or 2 ago. Now my iMac is getting sporadic bursts of internet at about 2MB/s while my macbook air has a steady 6MB/s on the same desk!…..what is going on?!

Removing hidden unwanted programs on windows

I’m not very knowledgeable with computers so bear with me. My brother has a windows XP; he doesn’t pirate, download much music, doesn’t visit a lot of porn or bad sites that would most likely infiltrate his computer, see where I’m going? However every once in a while he’ll get an update from microsoft randomly and it’ll prevent him from accessing the internet or it will delete necessary programs such as word, powerpoint, or make his computer really really slow; and the only way to get rid of the issue was to either buy a stupid program microsoft advertises to us or take it to the repair shop. The last few times he took it to a repair shop to fix it and its driving him nuts as this is shortening his wallet.
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