Lost my MBP this evening. 13" Previous Gen (Early 2010). Stupid kids broke in a window, opened it, climbed over my kitchen sink, stole the MBP, and my Gov issued Dell laptop and jetted out the front door. Wasn’t even home to plug them with the 45.

I don’t even know what to do right now. Police report has been filed, but I just feel lost. Never had anything stolen before. Hopefully insurance/replacement plan will take care of my MBP. Gov laptop is replaceable.

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is my router to blame?

I have a 60 down / 10 up plan with comcast. Modem to PC is
Modem to router to PC is

I get the full 60 directly connected but only 30 when using the router. I had 20/5 previously and it worked great.

I’m running a WRT54G v.6 with DD:WRT… is it time to upgrade?

Upgrade or replace the stock firmware. I remember reading about performance problems with WRT54G+DDWRT when speeds get that high.

backup/iphone help please?

Ok so my iphone/itunes fucked up/didnt sync so i had to resture and i was going to use the backup option but it replaced the backup for my phone was replaced after it was restored so its empty.

my "xx’s Iphone backup 4pm" was replaced with 9pm of today. i need 4pm’s back up but its been replaced.

any ideas or am i fucked?

cliffs: i restored iphone to original settings. 4pm backup’s (which had all my files) were replaced with 9pm’s backup(which was backup of after the restore so its empty)

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Cheap alternative to playing .dvdmedia movies onto HDTV?

So I have ripped movies filed as .dvdmedia and the only way I can think of watching them on my hdtv is to hook up a new mac mini (hdmi in the back) to it.

My TV doesn’t read .mp4 files off my thumbdrive

Is there a cheaper alternative?

What system are you ripping them to? do you have a mini display or DVI port? laptop or desktop?

I just use my MBP with a mini display to HDMI adapter, need more info to help you out

I rip them on my MBAir and stored on external hard drives. I don’t want to keep hooking up my laptop to the TV so I’m looking for a more permanent solution.

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Driver for MTP Device

I got my computer back from being repaired (reformatted and Windows XP reinstalled due to a virus) and I’m having a a problem getting my computer to recognize one of my mp3 player ().

When I hook the player up, I get this screen:

No matter what I select, I get this screen:

The player didn’t come with an software or anything. When I got it originally, I plugged it in and started dragging and dropping. It used to show up under My Computer like a removable USB drive, but now I don’t see anything.
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Is there anyone here that has ever gotten a CCNA? I need some short advice.

I am quickly approaching the point in my study where I have to commit to either one test or two.
~if I get a CCENT it will only be because I decided to take 2 tests. CCNA is the goal~

Did you take one test or two?
Do you regret whichever decision you made?


two tests costs twice as much, but you have more time to study for each section.

one test costs half as much, but the pool of questions encompasses everything from both courses so you have to prepare for the wider range of topics.
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Disk utility from USB drive?

I want to run some disk utilities on my Macbook to make it run better, but I don’t have the OS X install DVD. I have the disk image of the install DVD on my HDD and I have a 2GB USB thumb drive, but not a dual layer DVD to burn the image to. Is there anyway to install disk utility to my USB drive and boot off it so I can run the utilities?

Nah, no way of making a bootable OS with disk utility on it just like that. Not sure if it’s cool to link this, but check it out

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Add a bit of GUI to AppleScript

I’m writing an AppleScript program but I want to add a bit of GUI to it. Is there a way I can have the program run and show a box asking for some user input such as a text input section, a browser for folder option, and a drop down box?

I’m not entirely sure how to go about this, weather to use AppleScript for it or not since I think you can display some of these things, but I would like it to look nice and be a bit more customizable.

Also the stuff the user enters has to be passed to some AppleScript variables.
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Computer Gurus help.

recently starting having sound problems on my netbook. youtube videos (as well as other video sites) are giving me problems. videos and the sound of the videos will stutter. its like they start talking in slow motion but the sound is stuttering as its doing it(best way i could explain it). that is until the video is fully loaded. once its fully loaded then sound and video is fine. and say im doing a reboot, the shutdown and startup sounds will stutter as well. so i did a test of my own by playing just a regular MP3 in WMP and it stutters as well.
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