802.11n equivalent of WRT54GL?

Love my WRT54GL, but looking for an n upgrade. Any suggestions? Or am I better off getting a separate router for n and keeping the WRT54GL for b/g?

Was looking at the WRT320N when it was a Newegg shellshocker, but apparently it needs to be reset all the time?

I have an E1000 i think, from cisco’s red headed step child, and have had zero issues with it after about 8 months. 2.4 though, not 5.

WRT310n is bauce since it can run DD-WRT (or at least mine can). Not sure if they are still made though. Likely under one of the new Cisco names.

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Macbook Pro: Anyone ever had this problem?

The other day I was watching a movie, with my MBP hooked up to my TV, and all of a sudden it got these weird green streaks down the screen and froze. Now every time I turn it on it just gives me an error message with those green streaks and tells me to restart, which of course does nothing.

This is what I’m seeing:

Anyone had anything like this happen? My first assumption was that it’s probably either the motherboard or video card that’s fucked (or both, I don’t remember if it’s built-in or standalone video). I’ve been planning on going to the Apple Store, but I haven’t had any time (work all day, school all night), so I figured I’d see if anyone else has seen this.
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Back in to programming

So I went to school for software engineering, now 4 years later, I’ve been doing other things, I’d really like to get back in to programming. I’ve continued with PHP/MySQL over the 4 years, but haven’t been using objects. I primarily worked in C++, however different classes worked with Java, Assembly, LISP, etc. Unfortunately, in school, we always did command line applications. I enjoyed data structures classes, and felt most accomplished with a Huffman Coding assignment, although that class was nearly 6 years ago. I’d like to first, get back in the swing of things and become more comfortable with programming command line applications with C++, then move in to more graphical programs, probably with Objective-C and Cocoa. Can anyone point me in the right direction for some programming exercises?
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Anybody use readyboost?

Hey IT gurus…I bought my first flash drive over 128mb (it’s been a while since I have used a flash drive) and I got a 4gb one. I plug it into my computer and it asks if I want to use it for readyboost. I looked up ready boost online and got a glimpse of what it is, but wanted to know your thoughts.

Anybody use it? should I do it when I don’t actually need the flash drive for portability? thx.

It provides the greatest performance gains on systems with very little memory… On a system with 4gb of memory it is almost pointless.

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iPhone 5 buzzkill…

I really hope these rumors today are BS.

My 3g is long in the tooth and I was waiting for the 5.

Maybe I grab a used 3gs in the meantime..

link to rumors? What are they saying, no iphone at all this year??

This might be the time I actually skip the next iphone on launch. Time to let these contracts run out. What’s another couple months by the time it hits.

How dumb are you all you buy blog rumors rofl

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Holy Smokes

I’ve only used iPhoto in the past to easily get photos into iMovie for two or three school projects. I just loaded my spring break pictures, signed into Facebook and created a new album in seconds. This is pretty

That is all

I like the Faces and Places stuff that it has now.

iPhoto seriously blew my mind when I first launched it and added photos to it. It just works. With everything!

I usually use Lightroom and iPhoto. I’ve been just using Lightroom for RAW but I think I’m going to start putting all pics in Lightroom. You can export the JPG with keywords and iPhoto picks them right up.

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Dual external monitors on a MBP?

I have an early 2009 MBP. (ExpressCard & Minidisplayport)

Is it at all possible to hook up dual externals? Would be nice.

I use a Matrox DualHead2Go with my MBP and it works great.

I use a Diamond BVU195. It works great for most programs but video is choppy on the monitor connected to it. Overall I’m really happy with it.

i use the MBP as the second monitor, but the adapters that everyone suggested so far work well, so I’ve heard.

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Of all the SSD-optimization tweaks I’ve tried, these two made the biggest difference

Between the two of these, I probably doubled the "butt-dyno" speed of the cheap IDE SSD I put in my old laptop. There are other tweaks, but these two made the most noticeable difference. Even disabling the pagefile didn’t make much difference by comparison.

Someday this stuff will all happen automagically, but for now it’s good to know how to do them yourself.

Just thought I’d share.

Why did you think it would?

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