what do you think the genius bar will do with my friend’s broken ipod touch?

a buddy of mine called me today to tell me that his ipod touch (3rd gen) wouldn’t turn on. he had just plugged it into the charge and it shut off

i told him to hold down the power and home buttons to reset it. also, try to charge it some more, use a different cord etc

i think his generic charger killed it.

its under warranty and in perfect condition. But he has it jailbroken, however it will not turn on – so one would assume that they wouldn’t be able to void the warranty

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tv coax question

im sorry, i couldnt find a subforum to post this in, so i figured this would be the best place..

at my friends house, there is a coax sticking through the wall, there is actually a hole drilled and the cable is coming in… from what I know, the cable doesnt work, but im not really sure, i havent had a time to try it out.

my question for you guys, is if there is any way to "test" the line (like looking for power with a mulitmeter)

i tried to look outside but i didnt see a cable out there, so it may be in the basement, im just trying to see if the line is actually not working or if it is without lugging a 46" tv around their place

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car receiver that can recognize 100+ folder on ext. hdd

so i purchased the alpine cda-105, and actually really enjoy it, but today i found that when i plug a 320gb ext. hdd up to it (which has a copy of all my music from my pc on there), it will only recognize 100 folders on the drive.

i have over 1500 folders on the hdd. after some research i found that a lot of receivers like this will only recognize up to 100 folders, i have no idea why, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

can anyone recommend a good HU that is similar to the alpine cda-105, but will recognize more than 100 folders?
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Help me pick out a decent 4 ch

Budget is $250. The less I spend the better.

I need a small 4ch to power some Polk 6.5’s and CDT COM-626 ( ) components.

I already have an eD NINe.2 to power some JL 8in subs that are in my rear deck. My HU is a Pioneer 3100DVD.

I had originally planned to have 2 amps, (4ch for components and rear fill, 2ch for subs) but space in my GTO is limited and now I’m wondering if I can get a nice 4ch to power the components and subs and use the HU for rear fill
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Ext drive cooler

I have two seagate drives 1TB and 1.5 TB that are in external closures. I actually have the lids off of them so they can breath when I have them on for long periods but I leave them powered off when they are not in use because they get very hot. The 1.5TB died within a month of getting it. It got so hot I think it melted the components inside the drive it went back to seagate and they replaced it. I was browsing new egg few days ago but nothing seemed to catch my eye. These drives have to be around the 150F range they are hot to the touch.

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My computer can’t restore my iPhone

This has been going on for months, and it’s finally starting to piss me off.

Every time I try and update or restore my iPhone on my Mac Pro, it fails. The computer gives me an error and takes me to this page if I click more info:

I have already done a fresh install of OSX when I got my SSD and it still continues to happen. So I assumed it was part of my iTunes library files that must’ve been corrupted (since I usually just copy and paste the same library after fresh OS installs).
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Any tips for a beginner on SBS2008?

Just got a free server from work and reloaded SBS2008 on i. I plan on using it as my home media server primarily, but to dabble with it and learn as well. I was going to put SBS2011 on it but I noticed that one says 8gb minimum.

Should I reload it to regular Server 2008 or would SBS be better to learn on first?

SBS is basically just Server with exchange integrated. If you’re using it to learn, I’d stick with SBS and play with exchange as well.

SBS is a pig, but its a good learning tool.

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Question about CD-Boot.

If I boot from a cd can I still pull some data from the HD off?

depends on what OS the cd is booting and if the OS supports ntfs (assuming this is xp or newer) as well as supporting USB so you have something to copy to.

I’m fairly certain it’s XP, booting CD-XP? And I’m pretty sure it’s FAT32 though. I have two external HD’s that are FAT32/NTFS.
Fixing my boss’s computer. He just wanted me to pull some pictures off along with some other things.

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Stupid question about Netflix on my Samsung Blu Ray…

….how the hell do I get started getting Netflix access through my blu ray? I’m set up wirelessly, youtube works etc., but I am totally lost getting Netflix setup. I thought it was supposed to already come installed on the Blu Ray. Is it a firmware update, because I checked the Samsung website and they didn’t have one for my model (C5500). Is it a download I do through the Netflix website? Stupid questions, but this is driving me nuts…

with all of the netflix devices i’ve used, the device will show a code on the screen. you then goto netflix and type in the code, the device is then activated

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