Help plz. Computer freezing up & I can’t figure out what’s wrong

I bought a brand new PC from Cyberpower PC like a year and half ago. And it’s never worked. I sent it back to them twice, they said it was fixed but it never was. I decided to try & fix it myself but I waited too long and now it’s out of warranty. So I was hoping you guys could help me figure out what’s going on.

Basically, the PC just freezes up. You can’t use it for more than 20 minutes without it just completely freezing. It won’t shut down. It won’t do anything. It just locks up and you have to hold down the power button until it finally reboots.
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New speakers/amp installed. high pitched buzzing sound issue. video inside.

hey everyone, just 2 days ago my sister had the following installed in her 1999 jeep grand cherokee:

Fronts components: Eclipse sc6900 2-way
Rear speakers: Alpine SPS600
Amp: Rockford Fosqate Prime 4 channel

A day after installation the rear right speakers (apline sps600) started making a buzzing noise. the noise is fairly loud when the music is off. when the music is on you can tell the noise gets lower but it is still there. the video is taken when the cd player is turned off and the car is on.
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Picture or JPG to PDF format

I want to get a picture, probably will be in jpg format, converted to PDF so I can get it printed out in vinyl for a car window. I am assuming I will need photoshop or something similar??? Any help will be appreciated.

You can get a PDF printer. Dunno what sizes you are talking about but … most times you can print JPEGs directly to a large format printer. We use them at work for tax maps …

Basically I have a friend who owns a sign company. He said the computer he uses must be in PDF or another format so if he blows it up the picture, on in my case the outline of the picture, it wont become all pixel-ated.

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transfer emails

hey guys, just bought a mbp

how do i transfer my old microsoft outlook emails from my PC to my mbp mail?

if its exchange or imap, it’ll do it for you when you set it up. if not, wtf are you using pop for in the first place

Speaker wire/Amp wiring kit question

So I purchased my amp and was looking for a wiring kit. Well it seems that the standard is $~90 per kit but i’ve found several between $20-40.

I’ve looked them over and they contain the same gauge wire(same lengths too) and fuses. So whats the big difference? I’ve never paid attention to wiring outside of gauge/application. Is there really a noticeable difference between wires? Same thing with spools of speaker wire. Some are fair priced and others are .

So is it just a marketing thing or is there actually a noticeable difference?

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Video card failing?

I posted this in the main forum a few weeks ago and didn’t really get any concrete answer, so I figured I would try my luck here.

Here’s the original post:

Anyway, this has been happening about once a day or so for the past month or so. The laptop is an ASUS N61JQ-XV1 (full specs here: ) and it’s only about 2 months old now.

The issue is that randomly I will get a weird yellow checkerboard pattern across the screen while browsing the web and sometimes it freezes up the screen and then the screen goes black and I have to hard reboot it. Other times, I’ll get the checkerboard pattern and I can minimize the browser window and reopen it and the checkerboard pattern will be gone and it keeps going like normal.
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