same torrent same network different speeds

So my connection has been shitty lately (you can see my wrt54gl thread that has since been resolved), but I noticed my rommate’s computer downloading at about 450-500kb/s and mine topping out at around 100.

They’re both macbooks…mine is actually newer and faster. I set them up to use the same torrent program downloading the same torrent and I even took my computer off from being port forwarded (mine was his wasn’t) still maximum approx 100kb/s. NO its not limited in the torrent program. Even straight from the wall, its 100kb/s.
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Anyone out there that remembers learning ML in school?

Well we just started going over ML in class and I’ve looked everywhere online but I’m having a problem with one of my assignments. I have to write a function of type ‘a list * int –> ‘a list that cycles the front element of the list to the back n times. I’m having trouble because I don’t know how to reference the list being used as a parameter because it has no name yet. Also, the way I’m declaring the function, will it work for any size list?

fun cycle ([_], n) =

Weird Problem w/ a router. Keeps ‘reverting’

I have ATT uverse and have to use their 2wire router. For the past year I’ve had it DMZ+ setup and used a dd-wrt router behind it to act as the dhcp. The other day I moved the router so I had to unplug it. When I plugged it back in my domains didn’t resolve. Here’s the symptoms:

1st. reset 2wire
2nd reset dd-wrt ( nothing worked till I did this … freaking POS )

I have the 2wire setup in DMZ+, turned off firewall on the 2wire, and the dd-wrt setup as dhcp. Save the settings, reboot dd-wrt router and I can resolve my domain name pointed to server applications running on my server plugged into the dd-wrt. The IP address on the dd-wrt is my WAP address. Everything’s fine. After about 5 minutes the wap address changed back to an internal address. If I’m on the LAN connected to the DD-wrt I can still see the internet but I cannot resolve my server applications from outside the LAN.
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Any OTers Apple Consultants?

I’ve often thought about getting into this field, but have no idea where to start, other than the obvious certs. Anyone in the Consultants Network?

The ACN is kind of a joke. They send emails to everyone that ever sends out a press release about a new software product, requesting a free copy because they’re ACN and claim they’ll suggest the product to their customers when in reality they’d just use the product to make themselves money and never tell the customer because it’d put them out of a job.
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Restoring from a TM backup

A friend of mine game me a Early 2008 Macbook, and since it has better specs than my moms Macbook i wanted to restore from her TM Backup.

I erased the whole hard drive on the mac i was given, updated it to snow leopard and restored from her backup, but when it was all finished it did show 53gb free out of the 120gb available but none of the files were anywhere to be found exept under the Users tab in Macintosh HD, but they had a red stop sign with a dash and said it could not be viewed bc of permissions
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CCS v3.3 SR12 running on XP SP3 in a virtual machine (VMWare 7.1) under Windows 7 x64

We recently purchased a new development machine with Win7 64 bit. In our efforts to migrate to that machine we have discovered issues with using CCS (Code Composer Studio) 3.3 on that operating system with a specific emulator (There are no 64bit drivers for the emulator we use, Wintech TDS560). To get around this I have installed VMWare 7.1 and setup an XP SP3 virtual machine. I was able to get CCS 3.3 SR12 installed correctly in the VM and was able to connect the computer to the target board via the emulator successfully.
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The closest monopoly of Linux

There are way to many distro`s of Linux and I’m looking to narrow down my search. So for the lack of a better word, I’m looking to trade one monopoly (Windows 7) for another…. lol

I’ve got it narrowed down to the follow….


I know what I want though….

1) Most hardware support

—- Could slap it on anything 5 years old and would be the most likely to support something just released. From name brand hardware to 3rd party cheap generics. Out of the box (without having to tweak anything).
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