What System Do You Run?

I checked through like 5 or 6 pages and didn’t see any thread like this, I was just wondering what kind of set ups you guys have, home and/or car.

Since my driving privs have been well, iffy lately, I got a music set up going:

Harman Kardon HK3480 Reciever
Paradigm Studio 20 v.3 Bookshelf Speakers (x2)

When I get money I think I will be buying a Klipsch rsw-10 subwoofer, if anyone knows anything of the similar price range thats better for music let me know.
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Hardware Issues HP DV4 1225DX

I have a HP DV4 1225DX and about 7 months ago the laptop began having difficulties charging. Then it won’t power up altogether unless I move the charger in a specific way. Now it won’t power up all at all.

I was wondering if it is the power cord or the internal DC jack? How would one were to find out?

Anyone else have these issues ?

HP laptops ftl.

I had a friend with an HP laptop, her internal connector had busted off. We got a new one off Ebay and soldered it on. It was perfect after that.

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volume per program

Is there a way to adjust or mute the volume on a program by program basis. I’d like to be able to just mute itunes while watching a video on youtube instead of pausing.

Joesoft’s Hear will do it in addition to lots of other things.

Rogue Ameba use to have an app called Detour that would do it but hasn’t been supported since PPC days.

You can also use Jack to route specific apps to ‘null’ so you don’t hear them.

spacebar in iTunes pauses the song…

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any cisco peeps here?

Our company decided to move off of exchange 2003 to 2010 needless to say unity is not working right for people as far as voicemail is concerned. Our phones will have a light on when we have voicemail and it is delivered to our inbox but seems to be hit and miss with a lot of people. Some are saying they have a voicemail but nothing is there and others can’t even listen to them

Any of you cisco people run into this before?

iMail – email attachments that are ATTACHED, not EMBEDED

I guess I never thought about how the emails show up to people on the other end…

When I SEND emails and "attach" files, they show up (images) in my actual email…they are embeded. Thats nice in a way if you are discussing what is in the image because you read the description as you see the image.

HOWEVER…this finally bit me in the butt

Since they are embeded, you can’t see the file name when you get the email and it can be difficult to save those files if you aren’t computer saavy.
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Should i buy this used MBP 17"?

Its the last model before they went unibody.

2.2 Core 2 duo processor, 8600GT. 800mhz fsb. 2 gigs of ram (I’d upgrade to 4gb).

It was owned by a friend who barely used it because shortly after buying it he lost his battle with cancer. His wife is offering it to me for $400.

Part of me wants to do it, but can this run Snow Lep and all the 64bit software? I just am worried its going to suck using the fullscreen apps and with stuff from the mac app store.
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Is iChat compatible with anything on PC?

I got my parents a webcam so they can webcam chat over the web and see their granddaughter anytime they want. I have a mac, they have a PC.

Ultimately I’d ilke to use iChat on my end. Is there anything for PC that is compatible with iChat? Or will I have to go the Google Talk or Skype route?

Ichat used to work with AIM instant messenger. I haven’t used it in about 5 years though.

It’d be nice for Apple to release Facetime for PC already. That’s probably the best way. I also read somewhere that Apple will phase out iChat with Facetime.
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