[VIDEO] Video Card Recomendation (Dell XPS 8000)

Just picked up a pair of Dell U2713HM monitors and need a video card that can push their full resolution (2560×1440) without requiring me to upgrade my PSU. Currently have the stock Radeon HD 4350 which isn’t going to cut it.

Rig is a basically stock XPS 8000 with 16gb of RAM and an i5 2.67 GHz processor.

No gaming at all, some videos but mainly my work machine (Browsing, Office, Quickbooks etc).

Any suggestions would be great!

One of the configurable options for the 8000 is the GTX-260. Here are the specs on it.
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Read Before You Post

Topics concerning anything illegal (ie. hacking, cracking, piracy ) or "do my homework" will not be tolerated. Keep it clean kids.

Just to make it clear….anything involving "bypassing" security measures will not be tolerated. This includes ways around school proxies and other such mischievous maneuvers.

Just an update.

  • Illegal discussion not permitted. This includes piracy, serials, copying of copyright material (movies, music, etc), hacking, cracking, phreaking, etc etc etc
  • Personal attacks and/or bad fellowship are not permitted.
  • There are 11 members who may close a thread or end a discussion. 4 are mods of this forum, 6 are supermods, and 1 is Fazle. I get an email on my blackberry when I get a PM, as well as I subscribe to the forum via RSS and get updates on my blackberry, so I’m tuned in pretty well. Instead of instigating an argument or trashing a member, please contact us first to take care of the situation. Use

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So You Want To Purchase A Home/Mobile Stereo/Theater? *NEW EDU*

My last EDU was heavily product based which will cause an EDU to run out of steam rather quickly.

I also had plans to build a web site for a massive education layout on stereos, but I have a different direction I now want to take with that.

Due to the ever changing lines of equipment and technology this EDU will be very loosely based on equipment (which can be recommended rather quickly) and more based on principals and how to get the most out of your money so you can be happy with whatever path you decide to take.The following can be applied to both home and car stereo and I will be using outside resources to keep this EDU to the point and organized.
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Official OS X Shortcut/Tips List

We should have an Offical OS X shortcut list as a quick reference file.

All Screenshot Shortcuts
Apple + Shift + 3 = Screenshot to file
Apple + Shift + 4 = Selectable Screenshot to file
Apple + Shift + 4, then space = Select window to save to file
Apple + Shift + Ctrl + 3 = Screenshot to clipboard
Apple + Shift + Ctrl + 4 = Selectable Screenshot to clipboard
Apple + Shift + Ctrl + 4, then space = Select a window to save to clipboard

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getting to know the macshack!

so, i thought it would be a good idea to put up this thread, and get to know some of you macshackers a little better. i’ve noticed since joining the macshack crew that it’s a pretty friendly place, and there are many regulars who stop by and help. this will be a good chance for all the regulars around here to get to know the other macshackers a little better.

let us know a little about yourself and your life if you want… maybe some pics/specs of your mac.. whatever you want!
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Let’s redo the "Must Have Software" thread….

To clean it up, get rid of dead/useless programs, etc.

Obviously I want y’alls input because y’all make the forum what it is, but I think there are some key things we need listed about all the software. Those key things include:

Name (duh).
Website (duh).
Software category, type, and price. By category I’m thinking something like IM, Video Tools, Image Tools, Games, etc. By type I mean is it freeware, shareware, retail, etc. And price should be self explanatory.
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