home pvr: TiVo or Windows Media Extender?

I’m ready to build my whole home dvr/streaming solution.

Considering dropping about $1800 on Tivo (two premieres, two lifetime subs, streaming device, and a few minis).

Or roughly the same amount on building a proper media recorder/server with hauppage and windows media center (or something like that) and rigging it to deliver via XBoxes and rokus. (Besides, XBox in every room, I’d be a pretty sweet uncle, no? )

Anyone with experience can tell me if one solution is superior/easier than the other, or if there’s a better alternative that I’m missing altogether? (fwiw, I know the tivos won’t really do well with music but I don’t give a shit about streaming music)

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Best way/program/app to transfer all my music from Itunes to my Galaxy S4

just bought an S4, i had a ton of music downloaded on my Iphone, transferred to my itunes on my computer.

how do i transfer that music to my S4 and whats the best app to use on the phone?

it has to be able to be synced to my car using bluetooth as well.

The only one I found that preserves playlists is doubleTwist. That + airsync on the phone and you’re good to go. Could never get it to work properly via USB.

Biggest downside with Android is music management…even tried Google Music as my only option and it is fine for already uploaded music but sucks when you make any kind of change as it won’t update.

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Samsung Note 2 vs Note 3?

I have an iphone 4. Went to the ATT store twice… and decided to go with the Samsung Note… but heard the Note 3 is coming out late Q4 2013 so I’m waiting for that.

Any info on specs?
release date?
note 2 vs note 3?
Would suck if they change the size (note might be too big for me as is… worried about working out with it or taking it out to the bars)

SACD: Is it worth it?

Background: I have a 60gb ps3 that can play sacd. It’s connected through a Marantz SR6006, with a B&W 600 series surround setup.

I’ve been thinking for a while that it’d be fun to build an SACD collection (I have a measly 2 discs now) and get a decent player supporting DSD. Is it worth it over PCM? Should i go to the local high end audio shop for a demo?

My theory is that it would’ve taken Sony a lot more work to create a new way of sampling audio, versus guys throwing together overpriced cables and such. But has anyone here confirmed a difference? If you’re going to tell me it sounds more "organic" then please don’t bother

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Thinking of building a NAS box

I have a Synology DS1511+, with 5x2tb drives, and about 2tb free. Love the thing, but for the sake of something to tinker with, I’ve been thinking about selling it and building my own. Can anyone comment on the following thoughts I have?

-Is this worth it? I’ll probably run FreeNAS, considering its performance is pretty much on par with Nexenta now.
-Tinkerers: is FreeNAS "fun" enough to work with? Is there new stuff that comes out from time to time to make the thing worth spending money on as a nerd project?
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[GAD] Anyone use power over ethernet for console gaming?

So my new house is on a slab, and there are horizontal 2×4 kickers between the walls studs. With enough room to work in the attic space, you could normally drill through the kickers and run your cables up from the receptacle box…….but in my case, it might actually be impossible.

I’ve just been suggested this device, I want to use it for my PS3 in the living room. I have internet in one room right now, and currently have to use a 30ft ethernet cable to run from the modem in the office to my PS3 in the living room. Looking to try to get that cable gone.
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Anyone use Evernote?

I’m downloading Evernote right now, and this thing is over 50 fucking megs. Is this bloated crapware? Why is it so damn big?

Used it alot last year, not so much this year. Works well, there are no other solutions that cover all platforms that work as well.

Now with the whole NSA/PRISM ordeal, re-evaluating what I put online more so than last year.

I don’t use it as much as I used to…i’m just not very good at note taking.

Hey All!
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Mini Android PC sticks?

Anyone use these things?

Primarily want it for taking movies to watch at friends houses using XBMC (or anything else that will play MKV’s reliably). Since my tv is only 720p that’s all I’m concerned about for playback abilities since that’s all I download. Figure with a 32GB TF card I can stick a few titles on it when I want to take it somewhere.

Looking at this, as the price is right:


Good modem and wirless router to buy?

I’m moving and my roommate is keeping our current modem and wireless router setup . I’ll admit i am not very knowledgeable on the current technology. I have a fast desktop pc and will want to also be able to use the wireless internet with a roku on my television. Can anyone recommend me a good modem and wireless router setup for streaming movies/having a fast cable internet connection? I don’t do any gamming so I’m not sure if the really expensive options are what I need. Are the newer versions that are modem and wireless router combos a better deal or as fast? Again i admit i don’t know much on the technology. Thanks.

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