Are there any good wireless routers for sale these days?

After a few minutes of searching, it looks like Cisco has decided to use their once-good name to sell shit routers and hope they make money on an app store. Dlink appears to be more interested in selling some "mycloud" service than routers, they’ve dropped dual-band from most of their products, and their website is shit. Is anything good anymore?

I’d get one which you can install software on such as the DD-WRT firmware.

Not done it for a while, but a cheap router can be made to have a ton of features if that’s what your after.

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OT: Help with Home Entertainment system

My scenario is as follows…

HDTV in family room. Computer in den. I will be upgrading both in the very near future.

I want to be able to wirelessly stream anything from my computer to my TV. I also want to be able to control my computer from the family room(TV room) with a wireless keyboard and mouse. At first I was looking into replacing the desktop with a WiDi laptop and just having it in the family room set aside, but I changed my mind. Im sure there is a way to do what I want.
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Router Recommendations

Long story short, I’m replacing a router (pfSense box) for a small company. Ideally, I’d like to mount it in their rack for various reasons (power, heat, etc.). I’m looking to combine a few services into one router; wondering if any of you have a recommendation:

– Built in ADSL modem
– Built in firewall
– LAN interface must support trunking
– DHCP (preferable)

I was looking at some Cisco ISR’s, but I just want to see if there are anymore viable options out there.
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Stock system skipping

I bought an ’04 pathfinder several months ago and about a month ago started to notice many of the cd’s in the 6 disc changer started skipping, I presumed the discs were old and getting scratched. I decided to burn a new cd tonight and put it in. Not more than a few seconds into the first song it started skipping Any fixes to something like this? I don’t have the want (or money) to buy a new aftermarket deck. I would just resort to using a ipod FM transmitter but the quality and loudness are nowhere near that of a cd.
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Home electrical circuit monitor?

I’m looking for something that is able to determine if an electrical single is present or not through Linux perferrably.

The senerio I’m trying to figure out… I have a hydronic heating system and I want to be able to do some kind of reporting to which zones are requesting heat (I have 3 zones) and at which time of day, also comparitive to the temperature outside.

So, in the simplest broken down form, I just need a way to determine if the zone sensor is on, or if a signal has been sent to it. I know the voltage (24v) of the circuit and I have the temperature thing already solved.
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VBA and VB

Recently I was asked by my supervisor to learn Excel VBA. But I have very limited programming experience…Is VBA the same thing as Visual Basic?


No – very similar though. VBA is more tuned for Access and Excel than VB, so great for those programs, not as good for general programming (and not available without them!)