Recommend a Blu-Ray + DVD + Streaming setup for my parents.

The two ideas I have right now are :

All in one: PlayStation 3

Separate: (click the link) + Roku 2 XS

If I want to take a single-box approach, the PlayStation 3 seems to hit all the marks (except for direct access to shared network folders, which seems to be the bugaboo of all streaming appliances right now), but I’m concerned it could be a little too videogamey for them. (they don’t play any videogames and they never will.) Then again, it can use a real keyboard, which is a good thing for searching for movies on Netflix.
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Looking at this tablet for my kids Christmas.

And I don’t know anything about tablets. I’m stuck in LAPTOP World, and I refuse to step across into tablet World. Anyway, the wife asked me what I think about this tablet for our son’s Christmas. He’s 8, almost 9:

I just don’t know anything about them. Would this be okay for him? Too much? Not enough? Thanks!

My kids are 5 and 3 and the wife ordered two of these for them.

Do you think that would be too "kiddy" for a 9 year old?

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Help me with a Video Card

I got a new pc from work, its a hp h8-1214
specs: i found here

it has a Radeon HD 7450 PCI Express x16 inside, but its a piece of crap for running any game. Can anyone help me find something not overly expensive as i think i have to replace the power supply in this as it isn’t enough (300w).

Haven’t upgraded a pc in ages and not sure whats good.

What games do you play?
What’s your budget?
Do you want to stick with ATI or go to nVidia?

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Some guidance for a student

I’m a math major/cs minor and I expect to graduate next December. I just recently became aware of how good some of the IT jobs out there are, specifically in the security and DBA specialties. I had an internship last summer that wasn’t an IT title, but I did end up getting some exposure to how databases are created, how complex they can be and how a good DBA can make a big difference. I’m looking for some advice on what/if any chance a CS minor has of getting his foot in the door of this field, and what I can start doing to improve my chances?
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Just installed 8GB of RAM into my MBP :bowdown:

it’s so much faster. I can’t believe it

literally everything is faster

was running stock 4GB

I thought about going 16GB but honestly I don’t see a point. Now all I need to do is get an SSD or a bigger HDD in it. Currently have the stock 500GB 5400RPM one in it

I upgraded my 13" late 2011 MBP to 8GB of ram, and swapped out the 500GB HD for a 1TB. I’m thinking I should put the 1TB in a holder in the Superdrive slot, and then a 256GB SSD as the primary drive.
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*free* VM solution?

does anyone make a free/good solution for creating VMs in Win7?

vmware used to have a desktop version but it’s no longer free.

ill take a look.

only windows based products i’ve used are vmware and the one microsoft offers, not hyper-v.

I haven’t used either of those before, but VirtualBox worked fine for me

VMware Player is software that enables users to easily create and run virtual machines on a Windows or Linux PC.
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is MacMall legit? priced out a 17" i7

Your Final Price: $2,493.12. 2759.30 if bought from apple.

added antiglare

17" MacBook Pro Intel Core i7 2.66GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB 5400rpm Hard Drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, SuperDrive, Aluminum unibody,Hi-Res Antiglare Widescreen Display

Hope so. Just ordered a 13" MB Air 2.13gz 4gb and 256 SSD on their for $1749 earlier today.

one of the main mac dealers…

additional discount if you go through this site:
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Compromised car audio speaker recommendations

I have an 1985.5 mustang SVO whose factory speaker openings are puny 3.5" in the dash and 6×8’s in the rear. While it can be done to put speakers in the doors I really don’t want to cut the door panels as its a fairly rare car I am not looking for spectacular sound out of such a compromise but I do enjoy decent/high levels of quality. I see rainbow makes 3.5" and 5×7 "components" which might work well though kinda odd having coax’s in the front and components in the rear any thoughts? I would like to add a smallish sub, like a 10" IDQ or the like as well

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