Car audio crew: need an amp

So i’ve been shopping around for amps, my friend recommends the Alpine PDX-F4. How does this stack up to other amps and is it pretty much "the best bang for your buck" amp? He claims it is, but I’ve seen Kenwood amps with similar stats for $150 vs $300+….

he mentioned he’s had kenwood amps in the past and they don’t last very long, but he recommends Alpine and JL Audio amps especially.

You’re going to pay a ton of extra money for the Alpine amp due to the size. What kind of speakers are you running? How much power do you want and how much are you willing to pay?

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computer crew help

my netbook has been giving me problems the last couple days. whenever i open up the lid and wake up the computer out of stand by or whatever, it flashes a really quick like one second blue screen dumping physical memory. its so fast that i cant see what the error it is giving me. then it reboots. and it does a continuous reboot like 3-5 times. each time it gets pass the XP splash screen and then reboots. but afte 3-5 times it finally loads windows. after that, the netbook works completely fine. does this sound like a ram or HD problem? or should i do a fresh install of XP?

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Printer issue is driving me crazy

I have an older windows xp box that is having a very annoying problem with printers. Whatever printer is attached to this PC will not print black ink.

The same printers will print fine on other PCs. I have tried two different printers on the affected PC. No matter what I try, the printer will not print black ink.

I have

-Reinstalled the printer, removing all drivers before hand.
-Cleaned the print heads
-Installed new ink
-Updated XP
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silly question??

ive got my computer hooked up to my tv,but i dont have the full computer desktop on my tv screen, how do i adjust this


Either in the display settings or your video card cant produce the native resolution of your TV.

after some playing around i found the proper settings


A Good Backup/Sync Application (osx/windows friendly)

Hi there,

I have been looking around and reading reviews, but unless I try each and every one of them, it’s hard to find! A few of the programs i’ve noticed require you to use an online site for the syncing as well, which is not what I want so many what i’d like isnt possible.

I have a mbp and a windows pc I would like to sync certain folders together on (usually pictures, music, raw dslr files and the edits). I need some customization where they will all sync.
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Can’t get embedded .wma files to play?

I’m using the latest versions of Safari, Quicktime Pro and Flip4Mac. I know .wma files are useless but I do transcriptions part-time for phone calls and the files are in .wma so I really need this to work.

In Firefox and Chrome nothing shows up at all. In Safari, I get the long audio bar but it just says 0:00/0:00 at the end and clicking play doesn’t work. I have the option to download the .wma file. If I try open with the default is listed as WMV Player and it gives Quicktime and VLC as options. If I download the file and try to play it in the WMV Player it recognizes the length of the file but doesn’t play.
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