Help me save my files? Long and confusing

So i’m officially stumped on this whole dilemma.

This weekend I decided to turn my t60p into a dual boot windows xp/ubuntu laptop

i found that you can either format your hd before or during installation

i did an advanced installation and formatted it during

I formatted my hd to be 80 gb ubuntu and 240 gb windows… (the appropriate file system names escape me at the moment)

well everything went fine with the install and now i have an 80 gb ubuntu machine…. problem is I can not get it to boot up as windows (every time it starts the rescue and recovery program which will not let me rescue my files only reinstall windows…wth)
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Screenshots not showing up

Mac osx 10.6.5 I’m doing Command+Control+3 and it makes the snap shot sound but nothing shows up. I searched for the pictures using spotlight and nothing is showing. Also, tried to google this and couldn’t really find any way to fix it. Anyone?

Are you able to copy other files to your desktop?

Just dragged a movie from my external HD to the desktop and it shows up fine. Its only with screenshots, using both cmd+ctl+3 / cmd+ctl+4 the file wont show up on the desktop or anywhere on my computer.

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Need a bunch of servers, whats good?

I need around 10 1U servers. The rough specs I need:

  • Quad core
  • 8GB ram
  • 3 x 300GB 15k rpm SAS raid0
  • 1 x 64 GB SSD for OS
  • Intergrated remote management (iLO, etc)
  • Quad port NIC

I never bought servers, always leased.

since you mentioned iLO, which is HP specific, why not just stick with what you’re familiar with.

if you’re just looking for standard 1u rackmounts, no blades, then they are all pretty much the same… dell, hp, ibm, sun, cisco… with price becoming the determining factor.
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microatx build, need help to lower cost

So this is what I have so far. Trying to build a mATX so i can bring it to and from school easily. Used for games and movies. Trying to lower the price as much as possible.
My biggest question is, is the SSD worth it? I want to keep this ~600 and still trying to justify the SSD.
Also is that mobo a true matx board? i really want to keep the case but i heard some "matx" boards dont actually fit…

How do you update an Apple ID?

Say you’re using an old email address as your Apple ID and you’ve purchased a lot of things in iTunes with it in which you do not wish to lose ownership of. Is there a way to update your Apple ID to a different name/email? I’ve tried updating the Apple ID using a MobileMe email and it gives me an error saying that it’s reserved for MobileMe emails only (fucking stupid).

Same thing when you first register your Mac, upon the first time booting it asks for an Apple ID. How do you change that?

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PCIe slots – help clear this up for me

my video cards are currently installed in the two blue slots. is there any reason why i cant move one of the video cards to the white PCIe slot?

3 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (at x16/x16/x4 mode)
1 x PCIe x1
2 x PCI

are all three PCIe 2.0 x16 slots the same?

It recommends to use the blue ones – I’m not sure why.

Nope because the white one is only running at x4

True, but it depends on whether the card itself runs higher than x4 – if not, it won’t matter.

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need to run a .exe

don’t want to sign into my windows partition, don’t want to run vmwear…is there a small program that emulates windows so that I can run a program off a cd?

not that I know of. but take a look into crossover. i know it is supposed to run some windows stuff natively but I don’t know much about it

or not since i’m too dumb to figure out which one i need

Anyone use Adobe Premiere?

My dad has an old version of Premiere (CS3) and I’m trying to make a little clip show. What’s really chapping my ass is that the sequence video on the right ALWAYS zooms in and cuts off heads, even though the source video on the left shows the full video. All I want is the full video to go into my movie. I’ve messed with the magnification settings but they aren’t fixing my problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Does the project settings’ resolution match the original video’s resolution?

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Tried to connect my iphone to my car…not good

I went to best buy and I got a kit last night. I plug the device into the lighter adapter and there is a fm tuner gizmo. I select specific or random generated fm stations and no matter I do, I hear off/on static on the station over the iphone songs that are playing.

Is this type of connection known to be sucky and never work wright? I would doubt that because there are so many offered in so many stores.

Or do I have to keep messing with different channels and find one that is really cleaner?
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