Is this a good 37" LED for a bedroom?

Not sure if I should go Samsung or Panasonic.

I was expecting 37 LEDs… not a 37" led

Panny or go home…
I got 2. 50 inch plasma in the living room above the fireplace and 42 plasma on the bedroom wall.
My 50 is the industrial model so no speakers attached. I say got for that if you have a home theater system. looks sweet just having the monitor up.

42 is a little big in the bedroom but i got a sick price. otherwise i would have went 37. can’t go wrong.

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I’m really diggin’ the 11" MB Air

Was at the Apple store for an appointment and I got to play around with the new MBAir. It’s tiny!

Damn, for $999 I almost walked out with one! Beats lugging around my 17" MBP everywhere.

I’ve got a 15" MBP and that’s as low I’d like to go. Next time (probably a very long way off), I’ll probably get the 17" one.

Played with one at Best Buy today and I was really impressed as well.

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Unlinker extension for Safari?

There was an unlinker extension for Safari 5 that came out awhile ago. Long story short, my browser reset and I lost all my settings and extensions. All I can find now is the Javascript bookmark version. Does anyone have a link to the other one?


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put "15 macbook hard drave into 13" macbook

can i put my "15 macbook pro hard drive into my 13" macbook? or would it not fit…

hard drives are a standard size, it should fit no problem.

so if i swap it will my computer look like my old one and have all my apps n shit?

in theory…yes…it should have all your 15" apps on your 13" book if you move it.

of course in theory. I’d still do a reinstall though depending on the hardware differences.

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network bridge

recently having to reload both laptop & desktop, my desktop has two nics on it. I have a network bridge so I can hook up my laptop to move data from one to another. When I unplug my laptop or reboot, my desktop looses internet connection. It never did this before but maybe I never noticed either? Is it normal?

Why aren’t you just using a normal router/switch to connect the two? If you really don’t want to do that though, I would set one NIC to the internet and set the other to a completely different subnet with NO gateway. The laptop would be on the same subnet.

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Apple Mail Crew: Best Gmail Settings…

Anyone play with the settings instead of leaving them default or following Google’s recommendations? What have you found works best for you and why?

I’m finally getting back into using Mail. I used to use it years ago instead of the web interface and I remember having to spend some time tweaking the settings to get things to behave how I liked them. I hate how Google stores a copy of everything in All Mail. If I delete something, I want it in the trash and ultimately deleted. If I want to keep something, I’ll put it somewhere else.
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No YouTube?

Fuck Apple and fuck the high horse they road in on. Download the iOS6 onto my iPad and iPod and YouTube disappears. I fucking curse them and their fucking arrogant asshole fucktard braindead motherfucking useless souls and go and download the YouTube app on ITunes. Yeah that doesn’t show up either.


They have lost sight of what they should be doing. They should be making products that work and include the things that us paying customers want them to include. Not having juvenile pissing matches with every other company in the world as they vie for total world domination.
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Would you get an iMac with an SSD?

I’m worried on the idea that the hard drive might die and have a hard time replacing it.

My workflow is basically Photoshop, Lightroom, and light Premiere Pro.

Is is worth it? Or just stick to the 3.4 i7 and beef up the RAM with a SATA drive?

Everywhere I read they say replacing the HDD w/an SSD almost gives the computer new life. Shit is tons faster all around.

Since it seems you’re doing a lot of graphic & video work you would definitely see a benefit.

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