wordpress- eliminate breadcrumbs

i am trying to eliminate ‘breadcrumbs’ from each page

home> page name that you are on

i have googled and the options i have read are not working.

i tried deleting the few lines of the php file that have the word breadcrumbs, but that doesnt seem to do anything.

it seems that the php file i need to be working with is single.php

might be more wordpress peeps in the webmaster forum.

might be more wordpress peeps in the webmaster forum.
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What is the best source for jailbreak/unlock info?

I’ve been trying to figure out a good location for jailbreak/unlock info for my iPhone 3G. I’m looking at the dev team blog and jailbreakmatrix.com and it is tough finding consistent information, though jailbreakmatrix.com seems like it is a good start.
1) I’m using Windows.
2) My bootrom shows 596.24 which seems kind of inconsistent with the 5.08 or 5.09+ info provided on jailbreakmatrix.com unless I’m just reading it wrong.
3) I’m running 4.0.2 with modem firmware 05.13.04. That is what is on the iPhone that I just got from Apple after I swapped out my old 3G due to battery issues.
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Jammed Cd Changer

I have a six disc CD changer in the armrest of my car. I recently was rear-ended and now my changer is jammed. I cant eject the cartridge or play the CDs. How do I manually eject it? Im thinking I might have to pull the whole armrest and take everything apart… Ideas?

look for a reset button, sometime behind the door… sometimes a red dot… hold in, with the stereo on for 15 seconds… this sometimes is able reset a jammed changer… if not, you are going to have to take it apart.

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Popout Window

Hey guys,

If you click one of the "quick look" buttons on the linked page bellow a popout window appears with engine details and an image.

Im pretty much looking to mimic this style of popout window on my webpage.

My page at the moment is flash based and i’m not sure how to code this. Will I need to learn some Javascript?

What are the chances someone here can point me in the right direction?

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Recommend me a webcam.

My brother’s at college, and he wants to be able to video chat with my mom. I figure a pair of webcams should make a good Christmas present. What’s a good one? Obviously, compatibility with Skype and/or ooVoo is a must, since that’s what they’ll be used for. Not burning out after six months is also a desirable feature.

I just picked up a LifeCam over the weekend for week. Seems decent

Having a new motherboard installed

I bought a refurb laptop from Dell last week (I got a good deal from slickdeals). The ac adapter never fit well into the adapter connector. If the cable was bumped into it would stop charging and now it no longer charges. Dell is having a tech come to my house and replace the motherboard and ac adapter. My question is would my OS need to be reinstalled? I have vista and want to ask Dell to throw in Win7 for the inconvenience of no laptop for a few days.


As long as the motherboard is the same (which, being a laptop, means it would almost have to be), Windows should work fine without too much hassle.
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