Home Theatre Solution…HTIB or piece together myself?

I’ve been tossing around the idea of just taking the easy way out with an HTIB, as I am no audiophile by any means.

However, this is going to be teamed up with my Pio Kuro 5020FD….so I don’t want to cheapen my setup.

Thoughts? Advice? I’m a total noob when it comes to the home theatre stuff

build your own. even if you have to piece it together one by one

Yea piece it together, even if you can only afford to start with a receiver and your mains for the time being it will still sound 10x better with just a 2.0 or 2.1 setup than a HTIB 5.1 setup IMHO.
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Replacement MacBook power supply

Im in need of a new MacBook power adapter and I’m not down for paying $70 for one. Can anyone suggest someplace where I can order one for less? I know there are some on eBay but don’t know which ones are quality

Well, I don’t think there is a legit one other then the apple one… Due to Apple not allowing anyone else to make a mag-safe connector without getting sued.

If you care about your macbook, i would dish out the 70 bucks..

That being said, if you got 2 weeks to wait – $30
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Help bypassing parking brake video disabler!

K car is a 2002 subaru wrx, head unit is a Clarion VX400, trying to disable the parking brake video thing. Tried wiring the e-brake wire to both a ground and a constant 12 volt supply, neither worked. Need new ideas, any help would be appreciated

i don’t think anyone on this site would want to answer this question, because of the liablity.

Its not for me, I just want my kid to be able to watch movies while we drive and give me a little peace and quiet

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Recommend me on a HTPC / Home Server

I’d really like to set up a small HTPC / Home Server with the following needs:

1. File server
2. Media server
3. Must be relatively quiet
4. Must be small
5. Why the hell not play old emulator games on it (MAME, SNES, etc).
6. Use it for backups

any hardware recommendations?
anything decent out of the box (dell or whatever)?

many routes to go in.

if you want it to handle backups i would suggest a raid card for sure.
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Windows restarts while booting…

When i try to boot windows normally, it restarts and flashes this screen….

I’ve tried my system restore points, but it says it is unable to complete system restore. Safe mode seems to work fine.

Not sure what to do next. Any ideas?

Google repair registry – follow instructions based on your version of windows.

i just did a registry scan with Free Window Registry Repair 2.0 and it found 2,223 errors. Most of them say "non-existent file or folder" and lists the file location.
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edu me on the airport extreme

been looking for a wireless n router that will do 5ghz and the the theoretical 300mbps. how is the throughput on the airport extreme?

i currently have a pre n router that tops out at 130mbps, its 2.4ghz. whenever my cordless phone or microwave is in use, it tends to drop my wireless. i’ve tried different channels and repositioning equipment

also, i was wondering if it was possible to hook up a usb hard drive to the airport extreme and use it as a time machine disk, like a cheap time capsule?

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Rate my new gaming PC

Basically building this PC to run starcraft 2 and any other new games that come out. Anyone see anything that won’t work? Prices are from a local shop in Canadian dollars.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Dual Core 1333FSB LGA775 3.0GHz


A-data (AX3U2000GB2G9-2G) (RETAIL) PC3-16000 DDR3-2000 XPG G SERIES 4GB KIT
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Will this work for storage? v Synctoy

I’ve already made a thread about external RAID solutions and what not and I haven’t been able to come to a conclusion on what I’d like to do. I’m thinking that rather than spending $300 on an external enclosure with mixed reviews (I’ve yet to find something reasonably priced with solid reviews), I could buy a 2-bay external enclosure to use.

I’d put (2) 2TB hard drives in my PC where I would download everything, not necessarily in a RAID. Then I’d have an external enclosure with 2 more 2TB drives that I could plug in once a week and run a program like SyncToy to backup everything downloaded in that week. On average I probably only download 1 music album, 1 movie, and 3-5 tv episodes/week. The externals would not be connected to anything else in the meantime which means they’d not be susceptible to power surges or any kind of electronic data damage

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Small Office File Server

I’m helping a friend set up his office and wanted to get some suggestions regarding the file server. Currently there are 5 people in the office and about 5 more users who would access the server remotely. He’d like to plan for these numbers tripling over the next few years. Nothing resource intensive, mainly just Office docs, some Quickbooks files & other misc files.

Should he be looking at setting up a 2008 AD or is there a more cost effective option (NAS?) that will allow for setting user permissions on folders and work seamlessly with windows boxes?

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