Communication between two private networks over the internet

I’ve been asked to write a client/server type application in which two computers can share information over the internet.

The problem is these two computers are both on different private networks behind routers using NAT and I cannot use a central public server to facilitate the communication. I have also been told I cannot ask the user to set up port forwarding or to use anything outside of our application to set this up (can’t ask them to modify router config).

I have .NET code that can do this between two computers on the same private network. I simply provide the client with the local IP ( and the port number. This of course will not work when the computers are on separate private networks and the communication has to go through public servers.
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Building a new gaming rig

I’m constructing an AMD Powerhouse Of Ass-Kickery, but I have no idea what kind of video to cram in this thing. I’d prefer not to spend over $300 for a card, and it needs to run World of Warcraft on full settings without batting an eye — think ‘tossing Lou Ferrigno into a midget wrestling match’. If you are currently using a card that you’d recommend, I’d like to hear about it. Thanks in advance for any input.

I just purchased a GTX480 MSI brand card.

You know…..
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Help w/ Assembler

I need to change this code from a sum of squares from 1-100 to a sum of cubes. What do I need to change and what lines? Any help would be appreciated.

  1. # FILE = figA4.s
  2. # From /* */ Tue Oct 7 08:46 EDT 2003
  3. .text
  4. .align 2
  5. .globl main
  6. main:
  7. subu $sp,$sp,32
  8. sw $ra,20($sp)
  9. sd $a0,32($sp)
  10. sw $0,24($sp)
  11. sw $0,28($sp)
  12. loop:
  13. lw $t6,28($sp)
  14. mul $t7,$t6,$t6
  15. lw $t8,24($sp)
  16. addu $t9,$t8,$t7
  17. sw $t9,24($sp)
  18. addu $t0,$t6,1
  19. sw $t0,28($sp)
  20. ble $t0,100,loop
  21. # la $a0,str
  22. # lw $a1,24($sp)
  23. # jal printf # we dont have printf, use next 6 instrs:
  24. la $a0,str # 1
  25. li $v0,4 # 2
  26. syscall # 3
  27. lw $a0,24($sp) # 4
  28. li $v0,1 # 5
  29. syscall # 6
  30. move $v0,$0
  31. lw $ra,20($sp)
  32. addu $sp,$sp,32
  33. j $ra
  34. .data
  35. .align 0
  36. str:
  37. .asciiz "The sum of the cubes from 1 to 100 is %dn"

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Any way to import user accounts in AD from a spreadsheet?

Need to add about 400 user accounts in AD (Server 08). Any way to do this by, say, importing a .csv or something of the sort?

you can definitely do it with powershell.

If you are unfamiliar with powershell coding, try using this product . I believe it can read input from a text file.

Recently I worked on something similar. We’re setting up a windows box using NFS sharing .. anywho we needed to create 450+ users on the windows box. I wrote these two lil scripts to read the passwd file and create the users:
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Apple care here I come

My blackbook is going under the knife again tomorrow.

Had 3 new power cables. New logic board and battery.

What happens is this:

Computer charges to 100 percent. I unplug to walk around house or whatever. I plug back in to recharge and the led will not come on and the computer will not charge.
Pull battery,reset control module or whateverand the charger works until 100 percent again. Repeat.

Not sure what they will try to replace this time.
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Email: Periodic or "on update" send of designated file as an attachment

I’m work Mon-Fri day but am on call Tue-Sat nights. If I am called with a question I need to be able to look at a few documents to provide an answer.

Thing is I always forget to email myself the documents.

Is there an Outlook tool of other software package that take a file path and then send me that document everyday at a specified time?

My favorite tool ever: blat

It requires an SMTP server (and the required credentials of course – like Exchange), but it will send any number of emails to you. It’s a command line program, and you can use task scheduler (preferably on a server since your computer may be off) to schedule the docs.
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Apple TV 2G jailbroken

That didn’t take long. Bring on the new apps.

Picked mine up yesterday on launch day. Store 10 minutes from my place was sold out by 4pm but one of them 15 minutes away still had stock. Had originally ordered it online but it wasn’t gonna ship til the 8th and be delivered til the 15th. Pretty sweet little box from what I’ve had a chance to play with it so far.

Overpriced trash.

Not sure why someone would buy this over a Roku box or WD TV

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