advice on re-working my car audio setup

I just recently bought a MY03 WRX.

It currently has the stock speakers in the car, with an alpine 10" sub. I’m not quite sure what the specs on the amp are, I will check and post them.

I’m looking for advice on how to rework the audio in my car. Thing is i need to boot space to lug some music equipment around, so the sub has to go.

I’m looking for recommendations on a setup, that doesn’t include a sub, but still can put out a little bass, nothing too excessive but i still want to have some depth and not be all high/mid end.
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iPad gift, not sure when purchased, no receipt…exchange?

Got a 16GB from a client for a gift after a large project. However they got the 16GB instead of 32. I don’t have nor am going to ask for the receipt, but I would like to exchange it for a 32. I opened it Monday night and could take it back this week to the Apple store. Think they’ll give me a hard time about it? I’m going to call them, I just wanted to know what I might expect.

btw, I did run the SN, and it looks like it was built at the end of May. This is the "new" iPad also

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You guys use iPhoto/Aperture to organize your media?

I’m wondering if I should continue or just stop using iPhoto to import my pics/videos. Looking at the long run here, I should probably just organize the shit on my own by creating folders and dropping stuff into them based on dates/events and not rely on something like iPhoto? My concern is the library getting ridiculously huge and down the road (5-10 years) this software is not supported by Apple. iPhoto is nice because it does all the organizing for me and I’m not spending a lot of time doing it on my own.
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Amplifier died vHalp

Currently I have my car stereo set up with a line out converter…

I have an Alpine MRP-m500 amp with a Alpine Type R10 subwoofer…

I did the 9volt test to see if the sub was blown and its not..

I unplugged the RCAs from the stereo and plugged in my mp3 player with RCA output to the amp and it doesn’t work for shit.

so my assumption is its gotta be the amp.

I bought the thing at Best Buy a about 2 years ago…I have no box and no receipt.
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water damage to a phone

ive heard that putting the phone in rice works well, ive also heard that putting it in the oven works – any success stories?

Rice has worked for me several times.

Put about a cup of it in a ziplock bag with the phone, suck out as much air from the bag as you can and seal it.

I wouldn’t want to put it in an oven. Maybe in a small room/closet with a dehydrator, but I think you’re better off with rice.

I usually put it in a bowl of rice in the car during the day and works like a champ. Heat + Rice = phone working

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Network Adapter Drivers

Wondering if any of you can help me out. Seem to be having an issue with my girlfriends laptop, a Samsung R580 – Windows 7, 64 bit – computer won’t connect to the internet. Through the device manager I notice that it’s not recognizing either the Ethernet or Wireless LAN

Marvell Yukon 88E8059 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet
Realtek RTL8192E Wireless LAN

I’ve tried downloading the drivers and transferring them over with my USB stick, but installing them again is doing nothing…
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Need a good organizer/calendar app for studying. Has to be free too.

Studying for my medical boards which are 6 weeks away, I want to organize a study schedule for myself. I was going to use iCal, but it lets you only place a single activity between an interim. For instance, if I have to do multiple tasks between the hours of 7pm – 10pm, it will only let me add one task between those hours.

Anybody have any suggestions on what’s a good free app to use? Thanks MS.


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Thoughts On Macbook-Pro Retina

Hello guys! I want to here your thoughts on the new Macbook-Pro Retina!

  • Amazing New Display
  • Thunderbolt Port
  • Great Specs
  • 7 hour Battery Life
  • HDMI (Great because its a thiner machine)
  • Display (Can go up to) 2560 by 1600 pixels
  • 720p FaceTime HD camera
  • Flash Storage

  • Only one size (15 Inch)
  • Only one headphone port (bothers be because I love my microphone on my headset. Although you can just buy a spliter).

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