Retina display on iMacs?

Or is that too much to ask for?


It’s a $300 premium on a 15" macbook, the iMac screens are larger, so I’d expect a $600 or slightly more premium over the non retina models, when they’re available.

worthless. Looks great on my iPad, but I’d never pay the premium they want on the new MBP. Ill stick with my 17" from last year. And plus, most apps look like shit on them (including images)

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corporate mail & sync on iOS

do any of you use your work email on your iOS device? mine is through exchange, and it "syncs" contacts. however, i’m not clear on if its only syncing my work contacts through the exchange server and iOS or if its syncing all contacts (putting my contacts from my iOS to my company’s exhange).

how can you tell? anyone have experience with this?

What are you using for the server side?? Our app allows us to choose what contact folders to sync …

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Anyone use Numbers here?

I am trying to create a chart and some of the data ranges from 0-4, 5-9, 10-14, etc… When I enter 5-9 on a field, it automatically changes to May 9, 2012. Any help is appreciated.



Treats it like text instead of a calculation/number.

Or type in 5-9 then click on the cell and open the inspector and go to the cells inspector, change the format from "Automatic" to "Text"

Running OS X Server & a Windows Domain…

..anyone do this? I have a small tower server for learning VMware and I’m working on setting up a Windows domain. I’m getting a Mini soon and want to run OS X server on it.

Just wondering what should be done to get OS X Server and the Windows Domain running great together and using whatever resources the other has.

Airport Express

Anyone catch the change??? Went into the Apple store yesterday and noticed they changed the Airport Express. Now has a LAN port on top of a WAN port…. Wish I would have waited to buy the one I did….

Yeah, kind of want, but it really doesn’t do anything extra for me that the old express doesn’t do.

i upgraded to the new one, as my old one wouldn’t join my network bc i have att verse and it comes with the router but the new A.E. did

Right now, I want it…. I (will) have the G5 w/o wireless and only have my old express with me…. Ugh.

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Sharing a drive on Airport Extreme…

Bought a 3tb MyBook, formatted it for Apple, then moved it to my Extreme. I set it up as account access, browsed to it on my MBP, entered my PW and after 30 seconds it showed me a folder view.

Now the network folder view shows the Airport Extreme and if I click the arrow next to it, it shows me the disk I shared and a folder with my account name. The account name folder is directly under the Extreme like the MyBook. I never created it and I’m trying to figure out why it’s there. Is it a folder created automatically by the Extreme? If so, why and why isn’t it under the MyBook? Doesn’t make sense that it’s showing directly under the Extreme since there’s no diskspace there for anything.
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Lion server sucks a giant pile of dicks

Server has been shit for years. Charge you a bunch of money for a bunch of freely available open source stuff you can download elsewhere. Love the manual too. Basically anything you want to know about they just tell you that it’s so simple it should work without any need to instruction and nothing more.

Passed my ICND1

I know no one cares but, well YEAH FOR ME!

I have GOT to do a better job for my ICND2 test.

I just googled CCIE LAB and um… no. No CCIE lab. Won’t completly rule it out but… um… no.

Got a question I have been thinking about. Some input would be interesting.

So to celebrate I have started sending resumes out.
Now, I have an interesting problem.
I ROCK the emulators.
But you know, I don’t think I have touched an actual managed Cisco Router or Cisco Switch in the last 4 years. And even the one that I did touch, it was a classroom setting and I maybe had 20 minutes of time with it. It doesn’t really count.
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