Help with replacement mobo v. Raid questions

So after an exhaustive series of tests I have determined that I need to replace either the mobo or the psu on my computer. So I’ve decided to just replace both because I’m tired of dealing with this.

The problem though is that I have two hd’s set up in raid 0, and have no idea what to look for as far as getting a new mobo that will let me not lose the data on the drives, Its not the end of the world if I lose it, but I’d rather make sure there wasn’t anything important on there before I write it off completely.
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Alpine IDA-X200 v. ticking problem

I’ve had this head unit for around a year or so now. The clicking/ticking noise started after 4-5 months on my first car and I’ve transferred it to another car and it has continued to do so to this day.

The sound is most prevalent doing soft music/talking and is droned out doing louder music, though if you increase the volume on soft music the ticking will increase. In the video, you’ll notice the sound becomes more apparent when I use the search wheel though it remains constant.
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new car stereo system

so i just acquired a new dd, 91 accord, that id like to replace the stock system. I’d like it to have a CD player, mp3 player is optional, but have a front aux so i can plug in my mp3 player, non-ipod.

i used crutchfield to help me look. this seemed best:

i was looking at the clarion but i like the looks of kenwood

anyone have recommendations on which one to buy? i might not buy on crutchfield as i saw other sites have the systems as cheaper
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programming a chip. where to start?

i was at frys and noticed they sell little boards and chips.

i know enough about pc hardware but this is a real new topic for me.

where should i start?

want to create a process/tool that reads two temperatures (x and y).
if x > y then turn on a device (pc fan).

I always wanted to try the arduino boards… look into them. In any case the google terms to search for would be "prototyping/development kit/board"
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noob: programming c on mac

how do? I’m on 10.5, I asked on yahoo answers they gave me this:

h t t p: / / a;_ylc=X3oDMTY5YmFycHMxBElfYWd1aWQDTjZMTUdTWFk 3UlhYV0VOSVZUTkNVTzdDMlEESV9jZ3VpZANONkxNR1NYWTdSW FhXRU5JVlROQ1VPN0MyUQRJX2Nwcm9wA3lhaG9vLnNvY2lhbGJ sb2cueWNhLmNsaWVudARJX3VjbnR4AwRJX3VzcmMDeS51cy5hb nN3ZXJzBElfdXN1aWQDMjAxMDA4MDQxMDIwNTRBQU1EMThNX1h MS2hSU0hvYWEESV91dHlwZQNhc2sEX1MDMjAyMzQzNTI2MQ–?qid=20100804102054AAMD18M

but .profile doesn’t exist on my machine. I guess I don’t care about doing extra commands but just how the hell do I get my program compiled???

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Anyone in the Apple Consultants Network?

How much business have you gotten from it? How did you start in consulting?

Freakin’ ACN. All they do is email companies and say "You should give us your products for free because when I use them on a customer’s computer you’ll end up making money." Oh yeah, let me give you all the tools you need to make money for yourself and never mention it to your customers because that’d put you out of a job.

iPad – connect to Eye-Fi card???

This is what I am talking about, if you aren’t familiar…

Basically, this will allow you to pull the files from the card wirelessly. Great. Got that part.

What I would like to know, is can you do this with an iPad? If so, I would like to use it to preview images WHILE I am shooting with my DSLR camera. Yes, you can view the images on the screen, but it would be really cool to be able to continue shooting, while someone else (assistant?) is off the the side, reviewing the shots you have already taken.

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Bypass DVD safety switch?

So, I am thinking about buying a Kenwood DNX6160 which is a dual deck GPS/DVD head unit. Found a decent price, and it seems to be a great unit. Problem is, apparently all video (even from the iPod input) is disabled until the emergency brake is engaged (like all DVD players now)

I guess my question is, should I try to install this thing myself and just ground the brake wire, OR should I have someone do a better install job and then pull it out after and ground the wire. OR whats the best way to ask them to do it without them having to say anything illegal?

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