Currently upgrading!

Just grabbed a 1TB Samsung HD today. It’s in the 13" MBPS right now restoring from my time machine backup.

Just wish time machine could have backed-up my boot camp partition too.

Fuck me.

I bought this laptop about 5-6 weeks ago… it didn’t come with a Lion installation disc. So I created a Lion recovery partition on an external drive, then put the new HD in, and used the Lion recovery partition to grab everything from my Time Machine backup…
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Reinstalling Windows 7

I am upgrading my laptop to an SSD and want to use the same retail copy of Windows 7. The laptop came with Vista, so this is a retail Windows 7 I bought when it came out. I have the plastic box and everything.

Do I need to deactivate it or anything like that before I install?

Nope. Worst case, you have to call MS to activate it. Because it’s a retail copy, they don’t have any crazy restrictions on hardware changes.

The only common product I’ve come across that has a deactivate option is the Adobe CS suite.

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Rack server for wifi and radius

Looking to add a rack mount server to run the Ubiquiti UniFi server and also RADIUS (need to learn to work with it). Any suggestions on the cheapest/best route? Old models on eBay? Build one?

determine minimum requirements. i assume you have a budget. buy the best you can afford. used or new, which ever meets the requirements and compatibility.


i may also run an snmp manager on here, any recommendations for software?

Kick me some shipping money and I could probably give you a Apple Xserve. Its sitting at my parents house collecting dust.

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Home Monitoring

Looks like a pretty cool option. Like that the iPhone app can be used to turn it on and off remotely. Automatically sends you push notifications when it senses movement and you can turn on facial recognition so it doesn’t go off when your cat/dog walks by.

I’m running a different setup through my.. (wait for it) …. Synology DS211+
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is there a simple hackintosh guide out there?

the insanelymac forums seem to predicated on the fact that you’ve already done this a time or two. is there a guide for noobs out there?

i had good luck with gigabyte mobos and downloading leo4all off the pirate bay

i had the same frustration with insanelymac – and everyone treats you like you’re an idiot if you ask for a starter guide. check out the osx86 wiki for info.

it’s actually easier than you might think to get it going. you’re going to have to learn to tinker with kernel extensions (kext) to get some things working.
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Mac OS X web hosting services

Anyone use a Mac hosting service?

I could probably use a Linux or Solaris-based one, but I’d prefer a Mac one if I can. I’m looking to set up a few sites.

I guess I dont understand why you would wanna pay more for something you could probably do just as well on a linux server..

what are you coding in?

I guess I dont understand why you would wanna pay more for something you could probably do just as well on a linux server..
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MBP is starting to run slow

Had it for almost a year and it’s been running slow for a few months. Mainly with Safari when I launch it after booting the computer it will lag for a few minutes before running normal. Also after I boot if I start up Adium it will take a minute or so for it to launch.

If the computer has been on and I relaunch either program they respond quickly like normal.

I back up to a time machine so it has all my data, should I erase and reinstall? Its a 2009 MBP unibody running 10.6.4

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I had a real big problem with my system and I wanted to share it just in case any of my fellow OTers run into a similar problem.

I ran:

  • Avast,
  • AdAware,
  • AVG,
  • Prevex,
  • Spywareblaster,
  • Comodo,
  • Security 360,
  • Advanced Windows Systemcare,
  • Glary Registry,
  • Wise Registry Cleaner,
  • Glary Utilities

If you’ve run these and you’re still getting errors and feeling frustrated, then you would be me for the last 48 hours. I finally gave in and asked for help.